Top 10 Texting Mistakes College Freshmen Make

Top 10 Texting Mistakes College Freshmen Make

Top 10 Texting Mistakes College Freshmen Make

Starting college is a stressful experience. Now, more than ever, it’s important for incoming college freshmen to protect themselves on social media. Despite that, there are still many mistakes new college students make when it comes to texting. Here are the top 10 biggest texting mistakes college freshmen make.

Number Ten: Drunk texting your parents. Your parents will probably expect you to drunk text them, but doing that will just open up the floodgates for them to drunk text you back. Prepare yourself.

Number Nine: Drunk texting your crush. Because then they’ll know just how badly you want to Google them.

Number Eight: Sexting a new crush. At this point, the real thing will probably be less awkward.

Number Seven: Texting your R.A. all the time. You’ll get way too comfortable.

Number Six: Texting during class. This can only end badly.

Number Five: Texting your boss. You might be lucky enough to snag an easy work-study job, but more often than not, your boss is barely your senior. This can work to your advantage…but not all the time.

Number Four: Texting your professor. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Number Three: Trying to plan a group project. Because there is no such thing as planning in college. Speaking of planning…

Number Two: Trying to make plans past 2 A.M. Everyone has priorities.

Number One: Texting the person who delivers your food. You’ll just end up looking desperate.

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