Top 10 Texts Sent to the Wrong Number

Top 10 Texts Sent to the Wrong Number

Top 10 Texts Sent to the Wrong Number

Texting the wrong number can be both traumatizing and hilarious. What’s even better than accidentally sending a text to the wrong person is messing with the heads of people who accidentally text you. Below are 10 textual exchanges between strangers that make us think the world isn’t so bad after all.

Number Ten: Parental Guidance. You know someone’s mad when they can’t even acknowledge a solid Jay-Z reference.

Number Nine: Autopilot. Mario has no chill.

Number Eight: Lesson in Manners. Rude, but true.

Number Seven: Pregnancy Scare. They should probably take this up with Maury.

Number Six: Everything is Terrible. But what did James do to deserve this?

Number Five: The Twizzler Incident. Settle down, Caroline.

Number Four: Princess Who? Looks like these two belong in a different era.

Number Three: Gender Confusion. Whether this is a grill or a girl, it’s a win/win for the sender.

Number Two: Party Time, Excellent. Sorry, you’re not invited.

Number One: Guerrilla Advertising. Is this an attempt at advertising to strangers? A stoner’s revelation? A genuine statement of surprise? We need answers.

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