Top 10 Worst Breakup Texts of All Time

Top 10 Worst Breakup Texts of All Time

Top 10 Worst Breakup Texts of All Time

Breaking up is hard to do – that’s not news to anybody. But what happens when you get a breakup text so epic you can’t help but laugh? These 10 breakup texts make us feel bad for the person being broken up with, but they also make us wonder what kind of people would send these texts in the first place. Read for yourself below.

Number Ten: The Liar. Where’s 50 Cent when you need him?

Number Nine: Something’s Missing. At least, Andy’s new girl is nice enough to pass on the news.

Number Eight: Abracadabra. Not even David Blaine could pull this stunt off.

Number Seven: The Acronym Incident. Um…lol.

Number Six: Bad Fitness. Someone’s in need of some personal training.

Number Five: The Last to Know. This sounds like the worst game of Telephone ever.

Number Four: Time for a Cookout. Forget chemotherapy, this guy is going to need psychotherapy after this split.

Number Three: Lost in Translation. Things just got a little too real.

Number Two: Poetry of Love, Or Not. Shakespeare would be so proud.

Number One: The Honest Truth. At least, she’s being honest.

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