Top 10 Worst Plastic Surgery Fails of All Time

Top 10 Worst Plastic Surgery Fails of All Time

Top 10 Worst Plastic Surgery Fails of All Time

There are countless people who have had plastic surgery – it’s no longer a taboo, but there are still mistakes being made. These 10 worst plastic surgery fails have us cringing. While some of these mess-ups were the doctor’s fault, others were a result of plain stupidity. Judge them for yourself below.

Number Ten: Duck Lips for Days. This looks like a bad outcome from the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, or maybe she just stuck a cup to her face for 12 hours. What’s your guess?

Number Nine: Pete Burns. Pete Burns is an English singer/songwriter, and boy has he had a history with plastic surgery. The 56-year-old has had countless surgeries to achieve his androgynous appearance.

Number Eight: Justin Jedlica. Justin Jedlica is known as the human Ken doll. His goal is to eventually become “100% plastic.” He has had more than 190 plastic surgeries.

Number Seven: Jackie Stallone. Yes, THE Stallone; Jackie is Sylvester Stallone’s mother. The 93-year-old has owned up to the fact that plastic surgery hasn’t exactly helped her appearance.

Number Six: Katella Dash. Katella Dash wants to be a walking sex doll. She is transgender and earnestly desires to resemble a living sex doll.

Number Five: Amanda Lepore. Perhaps the world’s most popular transsexual, Amanda Lepore has undergone an unbelievable transformation since her first surgery years ago. She is now 47, although it’s impossible to tell whether she’s 30 or 60 with that face.

Number Four: Valeria Lukyanova. One of the creepiest victims of bizarre plastic surgery, Valeria Lukyanova is a Moldovan entertainer. She describes herself as very spiritual, although we have a hard time believing she has time to focus on anything other than the physical.

Number Three: Rajee Narinesingh. Rajee Narenesingh is an unfortunate victim of a sham doctor. She suffers from a condition called “toxic tush,” in which her surgeon injected a mixture of cement and tire sealant into her face. She has since received several reparative surgeries.

Number Two: Donatella Versace. This famed fashion icon has had numerous surgeries over the years. She is now nearly unrecognizable from the face she had in her youth.

Number One: Jocelyn Wildenstein. Finally, the worst plastic surgery of all time belongs to Jocelyn Wildenstein, a socialite living in the big apple. She is known for her spending, so it’s no surprise to see how much money she’s poured into that face. Too bad it’s no longer pretty.

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