Top 11 Simple Life Hacks You've Never Heard Before

Top 11 Simple Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

Top 11 Simple Life Hacks You've Never Heard Before

While you live your good life, you wouldn’t really mind a few tips on how to do some life hacks it and make it better for yourself. In this article, we shine the lights on some 11 very simple life hacks that could do you much good. Stay tuned!

Number Eleven: Take a Faster Elevator Ride

So it happens that you’re in an elevator, and someone has just pressed all the buttons to all the floors. But you’re not in the mood to go peeping into all those floors. You can take care of that bad situation by pressing each button twice to kill the stopover commands.

Number Ten: You Can Avoid Running Into All Those Red Lights

You’ve probably been frustrated when you seem to run into the red lights all too often. If you want to beat those odds, make sure you drive at the exact speed limit recommended. You’ll find yourself hitting more green lights!

Number Nine: Heal Your Paper Cut With Chapstick

So you’ve got a paper cut on your finger, and you hate the fact that it’s so painful and irritating. Well, there’s a way around that. Get some Chapstick and rub it on the cut. It reduces pain and speeds up the healing process.

Number Eight: Trick Them Into Selling You A Large Coffee At Medium Price

When you ask for a medium coffee, they put it in a medium cup. But what if you tell them to put medium coffee in a large cup? They’ll likely overfill it, and you end up drinking lots more coffee at the price of a medium!

Number Seven: Wear Red And Watch Them Run After You

According to studies, ladies are more inclined to become attracted to men in red clothes. So the next time you need a date, just freshen up and don your red t-shirt and you’ll have the cuties winking in your direction!

 Number Six: One of the Simplest Life Hacks – Use Your Wrong Hand To Boost Your Self-Control

Using your wrong hand to do simple duties like brushing your teeth or holding a cup will force the brain to change the way it does things. This practice has been found to boost self-control in other aspects of life.

Number Five: Use Chewing Gum To Pass A Test

You study for a test, and then you realize that you can’t remember some facts you studied. Now, what if someone told you to chew gum when studying, and then chew the same flavor during the test? Interestingly, it helps you remember what you studied!

Number Four: Kick Out That Painful Headache With A Lime

What do you do when you have a throbbing headache that just won’t go away? It’s simple: grab a lime, cut it up in two and rub it on your forehead. In a short while, the headache will be gone!

Number Three: Block The Number Of That Annoying Telemarketer

Some telemarketers are a pain in the neck. They nag and annoy you as they try to “shepherd” you into some deals that you don’t even have a stomach for. So how do you keep them away? Next time they call you, just hit “9” on your phone. Their number is automatically added to the “don’t call list.”

Number Two: You Can Still Print That Whole Paper Even With That Little Ink Left

You’ve got a paper that’s due in minutes, but the printer is running low on black ink. What do you do? Just change the font color to “Dark Tan,” which looks a lot like black, and you get your paper printed with less black ink!

Number One: Get Rid of a Pimple Fast

Do you have a big pimple that’s just so annoying? Open up an Advil gel and rub it on the pimple. The swelling stops and the pimple will go away! We hope you enjoyed our list of ways to hack your life. Thanks for reading!

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