Top 13 Truths About Long Distance Relationships

Top 13 Truths About Long Distance Relationships

Top 13 Truths About Long Distance Relationships

You meet someone, you fall in love, and then you have to say goodbye. Long distance relationships may seem romantic with being reunited after time apart and enjoying each other’s company that much more; however this isn’t exactly the case. Many believe it makes your relationship stronger by having to go through this separation. While this may all be true, no one ever tells you the truth behind long distance relationships. It’s not all homecomings and love; it’s much more difficult than it seems. Here are 13 untold truths about long distance relationships.

Number Thirteen: You Will Miss Them Like Crazy. No matter how long it has been or how close you are to seeing them again, every day you miss being with them. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep busy, either; somehow they are always on your mind.

Number Twelve: You Will Have More Mood Swings. Your mood changes constantly whenever you think about them. Sure, there are days when you feel like you can do this, but then there are days when you lay in bed with a carton of ice cream, crying to yourself.

Number Eleven: Video Chats Will Become Your Best Friend. It’s not as easy as it seems to go visit, even if you aren’t that far from each other. The only way you really ever get to see each other face to face is through video chatting, so you bail on your friends on Friday nights to sit at home and talk.

Number Ten: You Will Probably Be on Different Schedules. You’re in class when he’s free, he’s eating dinner when you’re free, and now you’re both too tired to talk. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll exchange a few texts during the day.

Number Nine: You Have so Much Time to Yourself. Now that you aren’t caught up in your relationship like most normal couples, you have a lot more time to yourself and with your friends. You find a new hobby or learn something new now that you can.

Number Eight: And Yet…There Is Never Enough Time. Yeah, let’s just try and cram all the missed time into a weekend. You count down the days until you can see each other again and plan out what you two are going to do together by the hour.

Number Seven: It Doesn’t Get Much Easier. Days, months, years – it still sucks all the same. Friends and family will try and tell you that you will get used to it over time, but you never really do.

Number Six: Your Friends Won’t Understand. You vent to your friends hoping that they will find some way to comfort you, but they just don’t see how difficult it really is. They seem to think going a few months without seeing your significant other is the same as going a few days.

Number Five: You Will Get Jealous of Other Couples. You see a couple kiss, you cry. You see a couple holding hands, you get upset. You basically envy every couple you see.

Number Four: They Won’t Be There to Cheer You up on Every Bad Day. Yeah, you just failed a quiz and spilled coffee all over your favorite shirt, but at least now you get to go lay in bed alone and cry. Yet, all you really want is to cuddle up next to someone and have them tell you everything will be okay.

Number Three: You Have to Trust Them. You aren’t around to make sure everything’s under control, so you better believe it is. You will get suspicious from time to time and freak yourself out, but if you don’t trust your partner in this type of relationship, then you will constantly be paranoid.

Number Two: You Can Survive it All. You’ll argue with each other like normal couples and go through hard times, but nothing compares to having this much distance. If you can get through this, you can get through anything.

Number One: You Truly Love Each Other. If they are willing to go months without seeing you, you know it’s real. There is a connection between you two that nothing can break.

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