Top 15 Fail-Proof Life Hacks (Part 2)

Top 15 Fail-Proof Life Hacks (Part 2)

Top 15 Fail-Proof Life Hacks (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of our list of 15 fail-proof life hacks made simple, and now we’re back with part two! These life hacks are simple, easy to follow and can be used in any scenario to improve the way things are and make the way you live easier than it already is. Check out the final seven hacks below – you won’t want to miss these.

Number Seven: Escape the Grammar Police. “Affect” versus “effect” plagues people everywhere. In order to save yourself the agony of deciding (and possibly making the wrong decision), just write “impact.” “Impact” can be used as both a verb meaning “to affect” and a noun meaning “effect”!

Number Six: Keep Rugs Still. Rugs can be annoying when they slide all over the place. To stop a rug from slipping, attach velcro strips to the bottom of the rug, and it’ll stay in place for days!

Number Five: Use Google Scholar. Writing a paper, and need some serious stats? Instead of simply Googling the information you’re looking for, go to Google Scholar. Google Scholar is abundant with academic papers and information about a wealth of topics, so you’re sure to find something that will help.

Number Four: Find the Best Flashlight. Sure, flashlight apps come in handy, but they can only work so well. If you want to use your phone’s flashlight even more efficiently, stick it, face up, underneath a bottle of water or Gatorade! The liquid will distribute the light more evenly.

Number Three: Cure Insomnia. Can’t sleep? If your brain won’t stop racing while you’re just trying to get some ZZZ’s, then write down what’s on your mind. By writing it down, your brain will think that it’s been dealt with and those thoughts will be less likely to keep you awake.

Number Two: Check Batteries. Instead of putting batteries into a device without knowing if they’re good or not, bounce them on a table to check first. Hold the batteries about six inches above a hard surface, and then drop them. If they bounce once and fall over, they’re good! Any more bouncing and they’re definitely dead.

Number One: Cure a Headache. To cure a headache naturally, mix the following ingredients together in a blender: three mint leaves, half of a cucumber, juice from half of a lemon and one cup of water. Mint, cucumber, lemon and water all have properties designed to ease your stress – both mental and physical.

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