Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (Part 1)

Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (Part 1)

Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (Part 1)

Welcome to the list of the most expensive rappers. This is the list of the rappers who get paid the most per show that they perform. The whole range of hip hop styles are covered between number twenty and number one. Check out the first seven below.

Number Twenty: One of the Most Expensive Rappers – Mac Miller

The Pittsburgh rapper makes a nice $75,000 for his shows, which is pretty impressive considering the direction that his career has taken. His early music caught on with a suburban crowd and his been labelled things like frat-rap, but he has since left that persona for a more unusual and underground feel. But even if his fan base has changed, he’s clearly still getting paid.



Number Nineteen: Ludacris

An Atlanta rapper and head of Disturbing tha Peace (a Def Jam affiliate), Ludacris has been making music for a while now. He hasn’t been at the forefront of hip-hop for a little bit, but apparently even when he seems to be taking a little time off from being one of the Kings of the South, he’s still getting paid well to perform: $80,000, to be exact.

Number Eighteen: 2 Chainz

Two chains may hold the dubious distinction of being the least technically proficient rapper to ever be paid $85,000 to perform at a show. But the College Park rapper has definitely created a lane for himself.

Number Seventeen: Childish Gambino

And now for a performer at the complete opposite end of the hip-hop spectrum from 2 Chainz, but who gets paid exactly the same amount per show: $85,000. Childish Gambino is the rapper name of Donald Glover, actor and comedian who has a whole separate type of fame through his performances on Community.

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Number Sixteen: A$AP Rocky

The stylish Harlem rapper with a southern influence in his tracks gets paid between $90,000 to $120,000 to perform. Not bad for a guy who first got notoriety for mixtapes posted on blogs less just a few years ago. He’s recently branched out into acting, too, appearing in the 2015 film Dope.


Number Fifteen: One of the Most Expensive Rappers – Rick Ross

Rick Ross is definitely the heaviest performer on this list – but he might be the most charismatic, too. He’s getting paid $100,000 per show, which sure beats working as a corrections officer in Florida.

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Number Fourteen: Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill makes a costly $100,000 per show as well. And she’s been doing it a long time, especially if we go all the way back to her days with The Fugees before she had such a successful solo career. She is one of only a couple of females on this list, but she’s managed to have a steady and long career. That’s all for part one of this rapper list, but check back for part two, coming soon!

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