Top 20 Ways to Maintain a Beautiful Life

Top 20 Ways to Maintain a Beautiful Life

Top 20 Ways to Maintain a Beautiful Life

What does it mean to be beautiful? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and so outer beauty can never really be measured. In reality, true beauty starts from within.

Number One: Cleanliness. In order to start your day refreshed, a shower is essential. Not only can it help a woman maintain the skin tone of her body, but it invigorates and reduces fatigue.

Number Two: Exercise. We could all use a great workout to give us the energy we need. Working out in the morning is the most effective method. Just a quick 10-minute workout in the morning is vital in order to give your mind and body the proper boost.

Number Three: Skin Care. Performing daily facial and neck cleansing is important. First wash your face with water or an emollient wipe, and then apply a gentle toner (non alcohol-based). Gentle toners calm the skin and balance pH levels.

Number Four: Drink water. A glass of water (with a lemon) can restore your water balance. It also improves the immune system. Taking a spoonful of linseed oil will also help improve your metabolism, and it can reduce and maintain weight too.

Number Five: Eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it will energize you and provide the nutrients your body needs. If you’re not a big breakfast eater, a grapefruit or a piece of toast in the morning is also helpful.

Number Six: Drink water during meals. Drinking water with your meal helps your digestive tract work properly. It also helps to drink water before you eat to ensure you can curb your appetite.

Number Seven: Have an evening meal. Constant snacking throughout the day is unhealthy. Eating three meals a day helps maintain healthy eating. Those who eat a meal between lunch and dinner find that they don’t crave those late night snacks.

Number Eight: Healthy snacks. Chips and cookies are very tempting, but if you fall victim to late night snacking, eat a healthy snack. Yogurt, almonds, granola bars, or a piece of fruit can help with the cravings, and these foods are nutritious.

Number Nine: Drink Green Tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants, and it has the nutrients your body needs. The incredible benefits also includes improved brain function, a lower risk of cancer, and fat loss.

Number Ten: Dress to impress. Expensive clothing is not necessary- it’s all about pulling off a professional look. Looking like a million bucks helps one feel like a million bucks, and confidence is key.

Number Eleven: Shoes. I’m not saying you have to war stilettos, but beautiful shoes are important. Shoes are representative of great style, class, and power.

Number Twelve: Fragrance. Smelling good is essential. When you walk past someone and you look good and smell great, it demands attention.

Number Thirteen: Manicure. A woman’s nails should be well-groomed and clean. Manicured nails are not just a fashion statement, it represents class, cleanliness, and sex appeal.

Number Fourteen: Eyebrows. Perfectly-shaped eyebrows change the features and expression of someone’s face. Even though it’s odd, a simple plucking can be just as effective as a facelift.

Number Fifteen: Posture. Good posture is keeping your back straight with your head held high. Posture is indicative of someone who feels beautiful and confident.

Number Sixteen: Makeup. Too much makeup is not attractive. The less makeup, the better. The natural look that appears you are wearing very little makeup is the most glamorous.

Number Seventeen: Develop good habits. While the word habits is usually associated with negativity, developing good habits is very useful. Exercising daily is a great habit to form.

Number Eighteen: Sports. If you don’t like running on a treadmill or lifting weights, playing sports is a fun and effective way to workout. Swimming, playing volleyball, or tennis are all great sports that can make exercising exciting.

Number Nineteen: Smile. A healthy smile is the best smile. Eating candy and drinking sodas contribute to unhealthy eating and unhealthy teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing is important.

Number Twenty: Keep your mind healthy. Reading and doing crossword puzzles help keep your mind healthy. Nuts are also a great source, and they give your brain the necessary vitamins it needs.

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