Top 27 Images of Baby Animals

Top 27 Images of Baby Animals

Number One. Let’s start out with the traditional, yet always adorable, picture of a puppy lying on its stomach.

Number Two. Followed by the cutest baby hedgehog you’ve ever seen.

Number Three. Even better, these sweet little piglets snuggling with each other.

Number Four. Three baby chicks in the middle of a meadow.

Number Five. Two kittens about to embrace in a big hug.

Number Six. A beautiful light brown baby goat.

Number Seven. A baby panda riding a playground toy.

Number Eight. A turtle trying to eat a strawberry that’s as big as he is.

Number Nine. A lion cub with the most beautiful fur.

Number Ten. A soft, white sheep surrounded by autumn leaves.

Number Eleven. Three adorable baby black sheep.

Number Twelve. An elegant baby deer lying in the grass.

Number Thirteen. Shetland ponies wearing patterned sweaters.

Number Fourteen. A kitten yawning in the middle of a field.

Number Fifteen. Two little pups eskimo kissing.

Number Sixteen. Let’s not forget about this baby elephant playing with a handful of small birds.

Number Seventeen. Or this adorable penguin with the softest feathers.

Kuoni Travel /

Kuoni Travel /

Number Eighteen. What about this picture of a puppy and a bunny cuddling?! How precious!

Number Nineteen. This baby tiger with the sweetest eyes.

Number Twenty. A baby koala with an innocent face.

Australia's Dreamworld / Koala Country Photographics /

Australia’s Dreamworld / Koala Country Photographics /

Number Twenty-One. Two pugs with their faces squished against each other.

Number Twenty-Two. A snow-white kitten with precious eyes.

Number Twenty-Three. A fuzzy little duckling on the surface of a lake.

Number Twenty-Four. A baby crocodile!

Number Twenty-Five. A smiling baby beluga whale.

Number Twenty-Six. Two identical bunnies wrapped in a blanket.

Number Twenty-Seven. The final picture on this list is yet another adorable hedgehog, but I threw in an extra special treat for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure Zac Efron will make your heart melt just as much as the hedgehog on his shoulder.

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