Top 5 Celebrities Who Shouldn't Be Alive

Top 5 Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Be Alive

Top 5 Celebrities Who Shouldn't Be Alive

Celebrities are often thought of as being invincible; however, this is truly not the case. These five harrowing stories of celebrities who survived the impossible will show you that celebrities aren’t impervious to death, just like us. Check out these celebrities’ crazy stories below.

Number Five: Travis Barker and DJ AM.

Musicians Travis Barker and DJ AM took off in a plane carrying six people in 2008 when sparks began to emit from the plane. The plane crashed through the airport fence, went up an embankment and the entire thing filled with planes. Of the six people on board, Barker and DJ AM were the only two to survive. Barker spent almost three months in the hospital but recovered. DJ AM, however, died of an accidental overdose just one year later.

Number Four: Harrison Ford.

Iconic actor Harrison Ford is an avid aviator, and he began his flight training in the 1960s. He has had several run-ins with disaster while in flight. Once, after taking off in a vintage plane, his engine failed. He tried to level the plane as it descended and had to crash land on a nearby golf course, suffering significant trauma from a head injury. Again, in 1999, he was piloting a helicopter that rolled over when it landed too hard. He survived both incidents and is perfectly fine today.

Number Three: Orlando Bloom.

Heart-throb actor Orlando Bloom has broken a lot of bones on numerous occasions – more than any of the other celebrities on our list. He has broken his left arm and cracked his skull three times, broken his nose, his right leg, his left leg, his right wrist and his ribs. However, the worst of it happened in 1998, when he fell more than 35 feet while doing work on a roof and broke several vertebrae. He was paralyzed for four days but made a speedy recovery.

Number Two: Stevie Wonder.

Most people know Stevie Wonder has no sense of sight, but did you know he doesn’t have a sense of smell, either? The summer of 1973, when Wonder was on tour in North Carolina, his car hit a logging truck, and several pieces of the truck bed fell back into his car’s dashboard, striking him in the forehead. He was unconscious and unresponsive, his skull was broken, and he suffered several brain contusions. He spent four days in a coma and lost his sense of smell, but he was back in concert less than a year later.

Number One: Gary Busey.

Our final member on the list of celebrities who shouldn’t be alive is the eccentric actor Gary Busey. Busey was riding his motorcycle in December of 1988 when he slid on the gravel at 40 miles per hour and without a helmet. He reportedly had a hole the size of a half dollar in his head, and doctors say that if he came in just three minutes later he would be dead today. He was in a coma for over four weeks, and today he is an avid helmet activist.

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