Top 5 Consequences of Having a Workout Playlist Obsession

Top 5 Consequences of Having a Workout Playlist Obsession

For many gym-goers, music is a necessity when working out. Some people even have what you might call an obsession with their workout playlist. The power of music is strong, and for a few seconds, it can take you away from the gym and into your own world. In those few seconds, embarrassing moments can occur. I know this because I have experienced some humiliating moments at the gym, thanks to music. Just to give you an idea of what you don’t want to happen, here are five consequences of having a workout playlist obsession.

Number One: Twerking on the Stairmaster. It’s leg day, and you’re listening to your “Workout Twerkout” playlist while going hard on the Stairmaster. Your favorite song comes on, the beat drops, and the next thing you know you’re dropping it low as well. You only get in about three dips before you realize that, oh, that’s right – you’re in public. You hope no one saw you dropping it like it’s hot, but in the back of your head you know someone did.

Number Two: Catwalking in the gym. You just finishing lifting more than you ever have before, and you’re on cloud nine because you’re just so proud of yourself. You’re on your way to the water fountain to get a well-deserved drink when it happens. A sassy song plays, and you begin to strut your stuff through the gym. You get your model walk on because you look good and you feel good, but not everybody bought tickets to this runway show.

Number Three: Falling off of the treadmill. The treadmill is the scariest machine at the gym. I don’t run on it for long because I have a constant fear of falling off. Although I have never personally fallen off of the treadmill, I’ve seen enough videos to know that the treadmill can’t be trusted. Just imagine zoning out and forgetting to put one foot in front of the other. That’s not a pretty picture. Imagine running to the tempo of your favorite song, and you’re just one step too late in realizing the tempo and the treadmill speed don’t perfectly match up. Not pretty.

Number Four: Dropping weights. The right music can make you believe you can do anything. It can even make you believe that you can lift heavier weights than your body can handle. You push and you push, but all of sudden the weights are on the floor and everyone is staring at you. Just slowly walk (or catwalk) away.

Number Five: Talking to yourself. Okay, so you’re not actually talking to yourself, you’re singing to your favorite song. However, to everyone at the gym, you might need to be hospitalized. You could be really into a song and not even realize how crazy you look.

The power of music can be great, but it can also make you do stupid things. Zoning out at the gym while listening to music is something you don’t want to do. Just think about these five consequences the next time you put on your favorite workout playlist.

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