Top 5 Creepiest Deep Sea Creatures of All Time

Top 5 Creepiest Deep Sea Creatures of All Time

Top 5 Creepiest Deep Sea Creatures of All Time

These five species are arguably the creepiest and weirdest of all sea creatures. Worse than that, we bet that you didn’t even know they exist! These creepy little creatures lurk in the darkest depths, haunting the nightmares of marine biologists all over the world. To see what we mean, all you have to do is keep on reading. Go on, discover these top five of the creepiest deep sea creatures in the world!

Number Five: The Barreleye Fish. This unique fish grows to an average length of six inches. It is most often observed to live in the Pacific Ocean, at depths past 3,000 feet. Upon seeing the Barreleye, you may, like many observers, assume that its eyes are set just above its mouth. However, those are actually the fish’s nostrils. The eyes of this creepy creature can be rotated upward to peer through its transparent head. The allows the fish to claim its victims as it lurks below them.

Number Four: The Gulper Eel. This intestine-like creep of an eel grows to an average of three feet and four inches. It is found in many oceans, past a depth of 10,000 feet. It bears a jaw that is almost comical in shape and lined with tiny, sharp teeth. It is well known for consuming sea creatures even larger than itself.

Number Three: The Snaggletooth Fish. The Snaggletooth can reach a length of anywhere from six to ten inches, and usually resides about 6,000 below the surface. To consume its prey, this fish uses his bioluminescent chin to lure in its victims. Then, he shreds them with his intimidating teeth.

Number Two: The Chimaera. The Chimaera can grow up to an astonishing length of up to five feet, and are most often observe to habitat waters 8,500 feet deep. Its most intimidating quality is its unique skeleton, containing no bones whatsoever- it is composed completely of flexible cartilage. Although, you can see the majority of its skeleton simply on first glance. The “eyes” you see on this creepy creature aren’t even really eyes. They are a unique organ that does allow the Chimaera to see, but only with the detection of electric fields.

Number One: The Stargazer Fish. The Stargazer fish can reach a size of anywhere from 18 to 90 centimeters long, and it isn’t exactly a dweller of the depths. They are most often found on the ocean floor of shallow waters. With an upward-facing head, the Stargazer preys on fish by hiding in layers of sand and swooping up to claim their meals. That isn’t even the worst part. This fish also bears a venomous spine along the base of its fin, and can produce a shock up to 50 volts. I wouldn’t want to get in his way.

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