Top 5 Hairstyling Tips for Men

Top 5 Hairstyling Tips for Men

Top 5 Hairstyling Tips for Men

Any man knows that his hairstyle is more than a fashion statement. It defines personality, key features and demands immediate attention.

For hairstyle inspiration, one can firstly look to society’s rich and famous, from big movie stars to sport personalities. A great example of what properly tended and styled hair can look like would be Bryce Harper’s hair. Whether it is the asymmetric haircut style or the pulled back hairdo, Bryce clearly knows how to take care of his rich hair.

However, finding the time or the funds for a frequent change in hairstyle can prove problematic. As such, the choice of a suitable one is essential and maintaining it should be a constant. Here are 5 hairstyling tips for men that every man should consider.

1. Wash it appropriately

If cuts such as the fade, the undercut or the pompadour were popular in 2016, the trend has somewhat reversed in 2017. From casual or messy to the braided look, long hair is back in style for men. Coupled with a thick long beard, this hairstyle favors tall and athletic types and is quite popular with the opposite sex.

Long hair has a set of special needs, the most important of them being frequent washing. As a rule of thumb, the more it is fiddled with, the more will long hair need washing. Suitable products for volume can prove extremely useful as well.

2. Groom your look

Aside from the given choice of a messy look, long hair can offer an array of hairstyle options. With some effort and attention, men with a groomed beard and long, well-kept hair can easy get an exquisite look. Depending on the volume and curl, proper care should be a given for the hair.

3. Make subtle transitions

Short hair can offer several hairstyle possibilities as well. Filled out on the sides, last year’s undercut goes together extremely well with wavy hair. Such a subtle transition can drastically change the overall look and doesn’t require much effort.

4. Maintain it

Some men get a haircut only when their hair gets messy and out of control. Curly hair especially thrives on being ignored by the scissors. However, that doesn’t necessarily imply that it can’t be made to look even better. Side parted or with some well-fitted bangs, curly hair can look good even when shorter. Either kept short or grown out, men with curly hair have only one thing to fear – the awkward middle-size hair length.

5. Try out new things

Somewhere between long and medium hair, the bun provides a rebellious yet creative look. This hairstyle also proved to be divisive, some preferring it while others rejected it right off the bat as too feminine. However, the bun can be anything but feminine on the right body and it is definitely a style to consider as a new element to a man’s hairstyle.

Hairstyles should each offer a unique look and embody both the style and masculinity fit for a man. By following these 5 hair styling tips, men can improve stay on top of their game both professionally and personally.

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Elaine Goodman is a professional hairstylist and hairstyle blogger. She was always fascinated with hairstyles and now she’s living the dream. Her goal is to have full creative control and open her own salon.