Top 5 Money-Saving Gadgets

Top 5 Money-Saving Gadgets

Top 5 Money-Saving Gadgets

Gadgets that can save you money are miracles in my book. There are tons of new technology and gadgets available in our modern life – enough to make anyone’s head spin. Technology is produced in order to enhance our current way of life, and the gadgets in our spotlight are the ones that increase the Benjamins in our wallets. To guide you through just a few of the possible devices designed to save money, we have chosen five gadgets that will pay for themselves, plus more, in time.

Number Five: The Shower Timer. This small and helpful little shower timer is a must-have for those of you looking to decrease your water bill. It provides a five-minute green-light span for your shower by the click of your button. When it’s time to get out, the light will turn red. With this device, you’ll be savings gallons and dollars alike.

Number Four: Ethylene Gas Apples. Ethylene gas is naturally emitted by fruits and vegetables. For those of you who know your stuff about food, you know that this gas is the culprit for rotting produce. If you’ve faced the issue of produce going bad before you have the opportunity to use it, waste no more. These magic little blue apples will absorb the ethylene gas put out, and prolong the life of your produce. This will help you to avoid sending half of your groceries to the trash can.

Number Three: Timed Snack Canisters. This innovative snack container saves money, and your diet! To prevent you from eating all your junk food the minute you get home from the grocery store (we know you’re excited), lock away snackable portions so you can enjoy them in moderation and make them last longer. Set the timer to let you have your junk food at a scheduled time so you can keep track of your snacking. Also great the keep the kids away from their video game controllers until they finish their homework!

Number Two: Self-Maintaining Hydroponic Planter. If you’re tired of bringing death to every plant you touch, it may be time for you to invest in this amazing device. This hydroponic planter has the ability to feed and water itself, with little maintenance on your part. No longer will your kitchen herbs wither before your eyes, as this planter can turn even the laziest of cooks into an ideal green thumb.

Number One: The AeroPress Coffee Maker. The AeroPress coffee maker is the simplest coffee device of its time and produces the best tasting and freshest coffee you’ve ever tasted. Not to mention, it’s ridiculously cheap for all of its astounding benefits! Transform your morning routine with this simple gadget, and you’ll never have to struggle with the mess and tediousness of your past coffee makers again.

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