Top 5 Most Inspiring Movie Characters

Top 5 Most Inspiring Movie Characters

Top 5 Most Inspiring Movie Characters

If you’ve ever been extremely amped up after watching a movie and felt like you could conquer the whole universe, you aren’t alone my friend. We all know the deciding factor to what really makes a movie awesome: the main character. This person is always the coolest and smoothest individual on screen. From tailored suit-toting martial artists to tight spandex-wearing heroes, these guys inspire us to do better and open up our imaginations to new heights and possibilities. As a token of appreciation for their undeniable swag, we’re highlighting five movie characters that inspire and motivate men to do better.

Number Five: Jordan Belfort. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, aka “The Wolf of Wall Street,” was unforgettably entertaining and made you feel like crap for not being filthy rich. Although his accumulation of wealth was done by breaking the law, Belfort was a master at making you think about your current circumstances and challenging you to strive for more.

Number Four: Wolverine. Probably one of the most recognizable movie characters ever is Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has turned this infamous comic book character into a pop culture icon by inspiring men who workout to develop a lean, muscular physique. If Wolverine has never made you question your gains, you aren’t really about that gym life, bro.

Number Three: James Bond. James Bond has and will always be the staple of what it means to be a gentleman with an extreme amount of swag and tenacity. Daniel Craig as the most recent rendition of Bond has inspired us to step up our tactics with the opposite sex, as well as expand our choice of drinks.

Number Two: Captain America. Captain America is the “Super Soldier” with a big shield and an even bigger love for all of man kind. Since 2011, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, has showed us what it means to be a true leader. He possesses a vision for the future and works every day to make it a reality.

Number One: Yoda. Yoda is the wisest and one of the most renowned Jedi Masters in galactic history. Yoda drops knowledge bombs the size of New York City to school unwise and inpatient Jedi under his teaching. Even if you aren’t a Jedi, which I’m sure you aren’t, you can still learn from his enlightening words and impervious confidence.

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