Top 5 Popular Blondes in the Industry

Top 5 Popular Blondes in the Industry

Top 5 Popular Blondes in the Industry

When you are one of the popular blondes, whether you are a celebrity or a regular Jane/John Doe, your actions are said to be a result of your attractive blonde looks. However, that is not always the case. There are some blondes, like Madonna, who are successful business women. There are also those who are just weighed down by the struggles of life, like Britney Spears. There are young ones like Justin Bieber, who are acting crazy and wild as they enjoy their youth – just as anyone else might – but he is only ridiculed because he is in the public eye. Taylor Swift is young as well, but some do say that girls mature faster than boys. In any case, we are all people who make mistakes regardless of what hair color we might have, so below are some of the most popular blondes in the Industry, who are people just like us.

Number Five: Madonna. This middle-aged beauty has made her mark in the Industry with her edgy music and looks. As a smart businesswoman, Madonna knows how keep her popularity as times and music changes.

Number Four: Britney Spears. There is no denying the many lows that Spears has had in her life and career; however, her highs are what keeps her dedicated fans supporting her through her struggles.

Number Three: Christina Aguilera. This beautiful, blonde singer will always be on the list of favorites with her extraordinary and unique voice.

Number Two: Justin Bieber. Although Bieber is always getting himself into some sort of mischief, he still has a great talent and good looks that makes him popular with today’s youth.

Number One: Taylor Swift. As one of our favorite country singers and America’s sweetheart, Taylor is definitely one of the most popular Blondes in the Industry.

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