Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Clean-Shaven

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Clean-Shaven

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Clean-Shaven

There are certain things that just never go out of style, like the clean-shaven look. Most men would say no to shaving, but in reality this decision isn’t completely up to you. Your girlfriend, wife, or that woman with great potential has a huge say so on how you style your facial hair. The fashion trends we follow and our career choices revolve around how we want women to view us. So before you grow out your beard, consider the fact that having facial hair will mold the perception people have of you. In order to sway your decision, here are five reasons why you should grab the razor and cream to rock the clean-shaven look.

Number Five: You’re more likely to land your dream job. That potential employer will take you a lot more seriously if you come to your interview looking less like a hobo and more like a seasoned stock broker. The clean-shaven look says that you aren’t lazy and that you care about your appearance.

Number Four: You look younger. Who doesn’t want to look younger? Having a clean and crisp face is the equivalent of taking a dip in the fountain of youth. You also gain the perception that you are much more trustworthy and that you’re fresher.

Number Three: Women prefer the clean-shaven look. Believe it or not, women prefer a man with very little to no facial hair. Multiple studies have shown that women view men with facial hair as aggressive and much older. However, they find men without facial hair more attractive.

Number Two: You’ll make a good, lasting impression. Dominate the first impression by creating an image of confidence and intelligence. The initial impression is a lasting one that will linger in a person’s mind forever. It’s difficult to take someone seriously who looks like a cheap knock-off of Hulk Hogan.

Number One: Facial hair may not be for you. Once in a while, you’ll see a guy flexing a couple whiskers he calls a goatee. If this is you, save face and just shave it off. The whiskers make you look like desperate college freshmen yet to get laid.

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