Top 5 Scariest Weapons to Ever Have Existed

Top 5 Scariest Weapons to Ever Have Existed

Top 5 Scariest Weapons to Ever Have Existed

Guys – what’s the most destructive weapon you can imagine? Well, take that, and multiply it by 100, because here, we present the five scariest weapons that you won’t believe actually exist. Grab your bulletproof vests and your alarm systems, because these weapons are some serious business.

Number Five: XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher. Also known as “The Punisher,” the XM25 smart grenade launcher was designed in 2010 for the United States troops in Afghanistan. It is gas-operated and semi-automatic, and it features a ballistic computer, environmental sensors and a digital compass. It can fire 25 mm shells up to 2,300 feet, and soldiers can eerily program the shells to explode at any time they want.

Number Four: Smart Bullet. The Smart Bullet was designed for ultimate control. It can turn, speed up, slow down and even send data back to the user. The bullet is four inches long and has small fins on it, which make it resemble a dart. The shooter operates it by shining a laser at their target, and the bullet will then follow the target without being deterred by strong winds. Scary.

Number Three: Dora Cannon. Developed by Nazis during World War II, the Gustav Dora Cannon, or simply the Dora Cannon, weighed 2.7 million pounds and was considered a “superweapon.” The cannon could fire shells up to 14,000 pounds and had a range of 90 miles. It was the world’s largest gun.

Number Two: Vomit Gun. Though it sounds like a practical joke, the vomit gun was very, very real. Its development was supported by the navy, and it was designed to be a non-lethal weapon. The vomit gun can use radio waves penetrate walls, and once the waves reach the victims, the victims will feel dizzy and may get the urge to vomit. Though the military eventually abandoned the project, two other people were able to make a vomit gun out of spare computer parts successfully.

Number One: PHASR. Finally, the PHASR, or the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response rifle, was designed as a non-lethal weapon for soldiers and law enforcement officials to use in hostile situations. It temporarily blinds enemies by firing lasers into their eyes, and the rifle uses a range finder to ensure the lasers aren’t too strong. It renders people extremely disoriented in inopportune moments.

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