Top 5 Style Tips for the Sartorially Challenged

Top 5 Style Tips for the Sartorially Challenged

Top 5 Style Tips for the Sartorially Challenged

Some men possess the ineffable ability to always look stylish. Every item they wear exudes elegance, and their keen eye for detail allows them to transform mundane fabric into works of art. These inimitable fashionistas make it seem as if style is an innate quality, something only bestowed upon a few. However, it is more of a skill, a creative form of expression that is to be refined and cultivated. Style isn’t something all guys are born with; it is something they learn. Any man can be stylish, and the five examples below will teach you exactly how to put your most stylish foot forward.

Number Five: Spend Money on the Items You Wear Most Often. If you are going to spend money to look stylish, make sure it is on items that you plan to wear frequently. Direct the bulk of your clothing budget to nice shoes, a nice jacket, and good quality accessories. Nothing says style like a good watch.

Number Four: Learn How to Wear Your Clothing Properly. When it comes to getting dressed there are myriad things most people are doing wrong! Just do a Google search, and you’ll find that there are proper ways to perform the simplest of sartorial tasks, including tying your shoes, tucking in your shirt, choosing what to wear under a button down, and rolling up your sleeves. Chances are you are doing one, or perhaps all, of these incorrectly.

Number Three: Cultivate Good Grooming Habits. Hygiene is probably one of the most essential components of being stylish. Keep your hair maintained, shower every day, and please don’t forget to floss! Also, invest in colognes and oils. One of the easiest ways to attract a mate is by appealing to their sense of smell.  Science has proven that even if a woman can’t smell the cologne a man is wearing, she still finds him more attractive than a man who isn’t wearing cologne because wearing cologne makes men more confident.

Number Two: Develop Some New Skills. There is more to style than nice clothes and accessories. Material things are great, but substance is better. Style is more than aesthetics, it’s also about appealing to the mind. Plus, skills translate to money, and the more money you have, the more clothes you can buy! So take some time out of your day and invest in yourself.

Number One: Don’t Get Caught Up in Trends. Don’t get caught up spending loads of cash on new trendy items, because as desirable as they may seem, they always come with an expiration date. Throwback jerseys, Kangol hats, striped button down shirts, and rayon shirts were all once hip and trendy items; now they are just embarrassing. Stick to timeless articles of clothing: tailored suits, dark blue jeans, polo shirts, monochromatic sweaters, and well-fitting blazers are classic items that show no signs of going out of style.

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