Top 5 Superhero Video Slots - Featuring Marvel and DC Comics

Top 5 Superhero Video Slots – Featuring Marvel and DC Comics

Top 5 Superhero Video Slots – Featuring Marvel and DC Comics

Marvel and DC Comics are the two biggest superhero universes that have conquered the hearts of many. These two franchises have had a huge impact on the film industry and the gaming industry as well. Besides seeing these superheroes in action in cinemas worldwide, we’ve seen them in PC and console games, and as of not so long ago we can see them in casinos.

This is a top 5 superhero video slots showdown, featuring only the best casino games based on the characters and the stories of Marvel’s and DC Comics’ finest. Most likely, you have a favorite superhero of your own. Let’s hope it’s on the top 5 list!

Note, video slots are fun to play, engaging and they can put a smile on your face with some hefty cash prizes.


5. Superman: Last Son of Krypton

Superman aka Clark Kent has been part of the DC Comics family for 90 years. His appearance evolved through the years to keep up with the current trends. Metropolis has always been the place where the seemingly unimportant news reporter of Daily Planet has resided. Superman: Last Son of Krypton, produced by NextGen, takes the 5th spot on our list. The all famous and all powerful alien from Krypton is fighting non-other but Lex Luthor.

The comic book design is one of the reasons why it stands out from the other video slots on our list. Prizes? Well, they come when Lex comes. He means business, but Superman has a thing or two to say. If Superman repels the Attack on Metropolis, you can collect the spoils, in the form of mega prizes.


4. The Avengers Slot

Boy, oh boy! There hasn’t been a story that’s so action packed! However, there also isn’t a superhero themed video slot with such a variety of special bonus games that are completely based on the character’s super abilities. Marvel discriminated against Hawkeye and Black Widow in the film release “The Avengers”. Playtech did exactly that as well. Nevertheless, you will be backed up by Captain America, Tony Stark’s iron suit, Thor’s Mjollnir and the indestructible gamma powered Hulk. Free spins, or free bonus rounds are a common thing in the Avengers, which means more play time and more chances to win major prizes.

Marvel’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers slot deserves a spot on our top 5 list because of the high prize potential. There’s this thing called Marvel Multi Level Progressive Jackpot. Playing The Avengers by Playtech makes you eligible for life-changing prizes of $/€/£100,000+!


3. Thor the Mighty Avenger

The mighty prince of Asgard, protector of the realms, Thor is on the run going back and forth between Jotunheim and planet Earth. This is a fairly recent game release that’s based on Marvel characters. Thor the Mighty Avenger stands out and is considered as one of the best superhero video slots because of its unique bonus trigger conditions. Not to mention the original and high quality design. This slot is also part of the Marvel Multi Level Progressive Jackpot network. Thor’s hammer, the Mjollnir can shower you with free Lightning bonus rounds and limitless prizes due to the presence of the network wide progressive jackpot.


2. The Dark Knight Rises

The 3rd installment of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy left us speechless. Microgaming, a top tier casino game provider has the rights to this part of the franchise only. It’s spectacular! Batman, being the best detective in the world takes on the brutal Bane. He jumped in rather recklessly, make sure you don’t spin the reels, recklessly. Did you like the Batcycle? We sure did! The more you see of it playing The Dark Knight Rises slot, the higher your prizes will be.

If you enjoyed the movie, then you will be delighted to know that there are cut scenes shown on the screen whenever you win a 4 or 5 of a kind. In our experience, this happens rather often. Due to the absence of a progressive jackpot, it’s ranked as 2nd, otherwise it would’ve definitely been at the very top.


1. Iron Man 3

Even if we were to take his suit away, he’s still a billionaire, philanthropist, genius and a great leader. That’s right, it’s the man in the iron suit, Tony Stark! We can all agree that, yeah, it’s the suit that does most of the business. Well, in Iron Man 3 by Playtech, you can see all of his most popular iron sights, the MK 42, the Iron Patriot and the War Machine, each of them brings distinctive rewards. Note, you can actually choose what suit you want to “wear”. It’s an improved version of the previous Iron Man 2, which ended up as a total disaster.

The Iron Man 3 will for sure has its own sequel! We have a hunch that Playtech will surprise us with a better, polished game release that will be based on the Iron Man 4. Oh, yes! Iron Man 3 is part of Playtech’s Multi Level Progressive Jackpot network. There are actually 100s of more slots out there to give your life a bit of joy.

Video slots are popular because they’re available on desktop and mobile, simple to play, but they come with rather high prize potential.

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