Top 5 Things You Never Knew Existed

Top 5 Things You Never Knew Existed

Top 5 Things You Never Knew Existed

You may not be David after the dentist, but there are just some things that make you ask yourself: is this real life? As the saying goes, you learn something new every day. Here is a list of real-life things that you may not have known actually existed until now. Get ready for your mind to be blown away.

Number Five: Rainbow Clouds. What looks like rainbow clouds is actually a phenomenon which is also referred to as a Fire Rainbow. The experts at Amusing Planet say it’s something called a circum-horizontal arc, which also sounds pretty cool. If Care Bears were real, they’d probably live here.

Number Four: A Kangaroo Dog. This dog’s name is actually Roo. She thinks she’s a kangaroo, hopping around on her hind legs and using her tail to balance herself. The Romanian puppy was born with one front leg and lost it after being attacked by another dog. She was adopted by a lady named Nikki after being rescued. “The first time you saw her, you would think it is a kangaroo,” said Nikki.  From the looks of it, she’s doing just fine hopping around like a kangaroo. This pup here is pretty amazing.

Number Three: A Mouse Deer. Mouse deer can be found in the forests of Southeast Asia. Even though they are called deer, they do not in fact grow antlers. A fully grown Mouse deer only weighs about four pounds and stands only 12 inches tall, making it one of the smallest ungulates on earth.  To say I had absolutely no idea that these things existed is an understatement.

Number Two: A Self-Sustaining Home. At first glance, this home doesn’t seem like much, but it is almost entirely self-sufficient. That’s right, folks! No need to call the utility companies if you move into to this place. It’s got that covered all by itself. Here’s a description of how it all works: “The cabin has a series of rolling storm panels that ward off the elements. When the sun shines, a small solar-electric panel mounted to the southern facing roof feeds 12v DC to the batteries, which in turn powers lights, a super efficient Sunfrost Refrigerator, and a small water pump. A large rainwater catchment tank provides more than enough water for the home, and a small on-demand water heater supplies an outdoor shower and the sink.”  I don’t know about you, but I want to live here. Considering the exorbitant electric bills many of us have to cope with, it’s easy to understand why homes like this are desirable.

Number One: A Flying Car. Officially called the AeroMobile 3.0, this flying care is made by Slovakian company AeroMobil. It was unveiled last year as a road-ready vehicle with stowable wings that can navigate both city traffic and the airspace inbetween takeoffs and landings from the world’s airports. It’s scheduled to be released to the general public in 2017. OK, now I’m getting pretty excited. The only potential problem is that if you want to drive one, it’s a safe bet that you may need to have a pilot’s license. The release date will be here before you know it, and I can’t wait to see one of these bad boys on the road.

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