Top 6 Fashion Items You Should Let Go

Top 6 Fashion Items You Should Let Go

Top 6 Fashion Items You Should Let Go

Your fashion choices speak volumes about your personality and overall self image. The jobs you get, the women you attract, and your circle of friends are all a direct reflection of your personal appearance. Every day before you step outside of your crib, take note of what you have on. Also, make it a priority to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends. If you’re having a little trouble knowing what fashion items you should throw in the dumpster, here are six of them that no longer suit today’s man.

Number Six: Skechers. If you don’t have a great haircut, then you better have a nice pair of stylish shoes on to make up for it. Skechers however, aren’t the answer. You should leave these back in middle school.

Number Five: Superhero Shirts. Superheroes are awesome. But wearing shirts with your favorite spandex-wearing idol on it is something you should save for when you’re in the comfort of your home.

Number Four: Fedoras. Fedoras aren’t as stylish as you think. If you’re in a 90s boy band, then they may be right for you. But this is 2015 – hang it up or give it to your grandpa.

Number Three: Untailored Suits. The era of baggy dress pants and oversized blazers is done and over. You should at least, have one suit that’s perfectly tailored to your body. They look much better and will let people know you take your appearance much more seriously than the next man.

Number Two: Cut Off Shirts in the Gym. The do-it-yourself cut off shirts aren’t as cool looking as you may think. Yes, they show off your hard-earned muscles, but they do so in a corny and unflattering way. Take the time to buy some official athletic gear from your local sporting goods store. Athletic gear shows that you take what you do in the gym seriously.

Number One: Sweatpants Outside of Your House. Only put these on if you’re headed to the gym. If you do wear sweats in the gym, then make sure they’re jogger-style and not the ones your grandpa wears. Otherwise, keep these in your dresser.

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