Top 6 Halloween-Themed Wines for Bloodthirsty Adults

Top 6 Halloween Themed Wines for Bloodthirsty Adults

Top 6 Halloween Themed Wines for Bloodthirsty Adults

If you are planning a party or get-together this Halloween, Halloween themed wines are essential for setting the mood and starting the party! There is an impressive array of wines available for this holiday just lurking to help you create hair-raising memories for you and your loved ones. We have chosen six of the best Halloween wines, red and white, that are sure to please even the grumpiest of your party ghouls.

Number Six: White Cat

White Cat is a light, introductory wine courtesy of Hazlitt Vineyards in the Finger Lakes. If October has been chilling your bones a bit too much this year, this sweet party pack will bring you right back to the tropics. Not quite as daring as its brother, Red Cat, this wine offers sweet yet tart, crisp white grape flavor. It is not quite as devious as other Halloween wines, but it is sure to be a party pleaser and will disappear quickly! It is great to set the mood and break the ice for any occasion, and pairs exceptionally well with fresh fruit and other light snacks. Additionally, it will add a bite to a bloody mimosa fit for Dracula, which can be made by adding a bit of orange juice and grenadine.

Number Five: Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon

The taste of this cabernet sauvignon is just as elegant and blood-curdling as it sounds. It is a complex, deep red from Vampire Vineyards, where they claim that this wine is “sought out by vampire covens seeking to relive the tastes of their mortal lives.” As for the living that are daring enough to try it, it is sure to make them feel more alive than ever. There is a harmonious balance of rich, dark flavors in every glass (or goblet) of this sinister cabernet sauvignon. It holds the essence of dark, sweet cherries as well as decadent chocolate and a spice of anise. This wine is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Number Four: Werewolf Pinot Grigio

This mellow white wine is sure to bring out the monsters at your party. This sweet vintage is created by R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia and originates from – where else – Romania. It is definitely a party pleaser, with strong notes of apple, pear, and fig and a crisp finish. If you’re looking to start the party before dusk, this is a wonderful wine for early or late afternoon, and it pairs beautifully with light appetizers and tapas. With this wine as an opening beverage, you’re sure to have a howling good time!

Number Three: POIZIN Zinfandel

When it comes to wine, it is important to pick your poison wisely. If you have chosen POIZIN, a zinfandel provided by Armida Winery in Sonoma County, you have made a great decision. The label displays a sinister, deep red skull and crossbones that will make it clear to your guests that a truly volatile substance resides within. It features the flavors of dark plums and cherries with woody accents, and it is extremely dry. It may not please every guest, but it will definitely bring a smile to the faces of fellow red wine connoisseurs. Also, the silky texture it leaves in the mouth will surely convince them that they aren’t drinking poison after all.

Number Two: Ghostly White Chardonnay

Elk Creek Vineyard’s Ghostly White Chardonnay has a strong reputation with Halloween wine lovers. The label is enough to give shivers to your party guests! It bears a mellow taste with a slight tartness that resembles that of an apple, with a smooth finish. The texture comes off as a bit wispy, just as a ghost might be. Perhaps that is how it earned its title. It is known for its accents of caramelized oak and hay, as well as a lasting, buttery finish typical of chardonnay. It has a simple profile that works to its advantage, and thus is very easy to sip on. This chardonnay pairs well with lighter holiday sweets, especially kettle corn.

Number One Halloween Wine: Trueblood Pinot Noir

This pinot noir is a succulent concoction by Vampire Vineyards. While the staff at their winery don’t seem very blood-thirsty, they rumor it to be a front for the owners, “a group of Transylvanian vampires.” The flavor offers a cherry sweetness mixed with traces of other berries, as well as a slight spice with brown sugar and vanilla. Each batch is aged for fifteen months in French Oak barrels. This is a great choice for Halloween, not only for its name, but also for its rich, dark color and moderate viscosity. It is enough to makes your party guests wonder if they are drinking wine or satisfying their bloodlust. It pairs phenomenally well with a nice medium-rare steak or your favorite lamb dish.

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