Top 6 Lazy Cheats To Getting A Ripped Body

Top 6 Lazy Cheats To Getting A Ripped Body

Top 6 Lazy Cheats To Getting A Ripped Body


Getting a ripped body can involve a whole lot of effort and suffering for a lot of people. This article will explain a truly lazy way of getting (somewhat) ripped this summer!

Number Six: Drink Water Before You Eat

No doubt, if you want to show off your ripped muscles, you have to lose the fat on top of them! An easy way to lose some weight is to drink water, at least a glass or two, before each meal! The water in your stomach, pre-meal, will signal to your brain that you are full and you will eat less!

Number Five: Add Hot Sauce To Your Menu

Hot sauce is known to increase your metabolism and help burn fat so feel free to liberally add some (assuming no allergies of course!). It also has a host of other health benefits including easing various skin disorders, increasing endorphins, and preventing prostate cancer.

Number Four: Visualize Your Ripped Body When Working Out

When you visualize your muscles performing specific actions, they’ll work up to 53% harder for you. Get the most out of your workout by visualizing your muscles! Also, getting mentally prepared for your workout can increase your overall effort by 8%.

Number Three: Walk As If You Wore No Shoes

When you walk on the balls of your feet, as non-shoe wearers tend to do, you can expend up to 53% more energy, which can help speed up the fat-loss and more quickly reveal ripped muscles!

Number Two: Use A Chair You Don’t Want To Sit In

When you use an uncomfortable chair, you tend not to want to sit in it! Perfect! The more you shift your weight around and fidget, the more calories you expend. You’ll also work out larger muscles as continuously stand up and sit back down!

Number One: Use A Personal EMS Machine

These machines work out over 90% of muscle fibers simultaneously and you don’t have to do a thing! The machine does all the work for you. These machines operate on low enough current to be perfectly safe. Athletes around the world use them to help improve their performance. It can help you improve your performance and get a ripped body!


The tips on this list is perfect for those lazy days or weeks when you want to work on your ripped body but can’t or won’t. Using lazy tips will help you achieve your body goals with less effort!

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