Top 6 Meditation Apps To Find Peace

Top 6 Meditation Apps To Find Peace

Top 6 Meditation Apps To Find Peace


These apps will help you find peace via meditation. They are for both beginners as well as advanced meditators.

The first one is a guided app called Headspace. It has ten 10 minute guided meditation steps which will help you get in the game of meditation. Once you complete these, you receive an invitation to subscribe to more programs.

The second one is Stop, Breathe and Think. This app will help you find the root cause of your problems in case you are clueless about it. It involves asking questions about your mental, physical and emotional well being. Based on your answers, you will get guided meditations to solve your problems.

The third one is Whil. It provides yoga and ‘search inside yourself’ practice in both video and audio forms.

The fourth one is for those who do not want to get into meditation. It is a misnomer that way and is called ‘Meditation’. It helps you to simply relax by providing sounds of chiming bells, flowing water on rocks and some sweet symphonies.

The fifth one, called GPS4Soul does something similar. It provides calming videos and affirmation mantras to relax you.

The last one is MindBody. It finds the nearest yoga classes or meditation centres for you.

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