Top 6 Salads That Will Make You Full

Top 6 Salads That Will Make You Full

Top 6 Salads That Will Make You Full

As any salad lover will tell you, it’s hard to find salads that don’t suck. Especially when you go out to restaurants. Whoever got it into their heads that people who want salads are going to be content with a wedge of iceburg lettuce, a handful of tomatoes, a dash of cheese and some dressing was seriously mistaken.

Let’s face it, it’s a common misconception that when people say they want to have a salad what they’re really saying that they don’t want to be eating anything at all. But that simply isn’t true. When I want to eat a salad, it’s because I just want to be eating a salad. Sometimes a girl needs a half, and sometimes a girl just really wants to eat a plateful of food that’s not going to make her regret wearing a crop top to dinner. However just because I’m eating healthily doesn’t mean I want to walk away feeling hungry.  If I’m paying as much for my food as my friend paid for her sandwich, I expect to feel just as full.

However, while you may not be able to get a salad that doesn’t suck at any of the restaurants nearest you, what goes on in your own kitchen is another story. Eating a salad shouldn’t feel like punishment, and here are six recipes that’ll leave you feeling full and totally guilt-free.

Number One: Mediterranean Chopped Salad. High in flavor and protein, this salad is ideal for serving at your next dinner party. Learn all about it here.


Number Two: Snap Pea, Watermelon, And Edamame Salad With Sesame Vinaigrette. Nothing says summer quite like watermelon, and who doesn’t love the challenge of having to make your own vinaigrette (even if it’s only so you can share it on social media and make all of your followers think you’re a culinary genius). Get the recipe here.


Number Three: Sweet Potato, Avocado and (Soy) Chorizo Salad. Okay, so chorizo (soy or otherwise) isn’t exactly the healthiest food in recorded history, but every now and then it’s nice to be indulgent. Plus, if you don’t really like the taste of health, adding meat is the perfect way to make a salad that anybody can enjoy. Get the recipe here (minus the chorizo part, but you’re an adult – I trust you can figure that part out).


Number Four: Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad with Apple, Walnuts, and Parmesan-Pecorino Crisps. No matter what you used to think as a child, Brussels sprouts are awesome. While they can be a bit of a struggle to roast whole, shaving them down eliminates all the stress so you can focus on the most important thing: eating. Learn all about it here.


Number Five: Kale, Farro and Feta Salads

A nice, simple salad for when you feel like eating right but don’t quite feel up to getting your Rachel Ray on. Get the recipe here.


Number Six: Grilled Asparagus Salad With Fried Egg. The perfect option for those who can’t decide between whether they want to eat salad or whether they want to have breakfast. Get the recipe here.


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