Top 6 Ways to Impress Your Next Date

Top 6 Ways to Impress Your Next Date

Top 6 Ways to Impress Your Next Date

Some of us may be too macho to admit it, but dating can be a very intimidating realm for men who don’t have a clue about how to impress. The first date will literally make or break your opportunity to land the second one. There aren’t enough cologne and slick hairstyles in the world that will take the place of knowing what to say or how to act when in the heat of the moment. In order to save you from embarrassment and another lone wolf night, here are six surefire ways you can use to impress your next date. Thank me later.

Number One: Do your research. Being sharp with your conversation skills is key to creating a memorable experience with your date. With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with doing some homework on your date by checking out her social media pages. This will inform you with unique details about her which can spark some great conversation. However, there’s a tactful approach you must apply in order to not come off like a creep. Don’t make it extremely obvious that you’ve been snooping.

Number Two: Be well-groomed. Women love a man who takes pride in his appearance. Come correct with a clean haircut, cologne (less is more), and stylish clothing. She’ll immediately take notice of your unique spin on grooming.

Number Three: Stay up-to-date on pop culture. Staying up-to-date on current events shows that you aren’t stuck under a rock and that you actually care about what’s going on around you. Creating conversation about celebrity gossip, politics, or music will show that you are a well-seasoned individual with many interests. Women don’t like boring men; they love versatility.

Number Four: Ignore your phone. With today’s culture, it’s deemed appropriate to always have your face in your phone. Nothing says: “You’re not important!” more than taking a call from someone during the middle of a conversation. You may think it’s cool because it might make you seem important. Well, I’ll be the first to break it to you: it’s rude. Giving your full time and attention to your date shows that you genuinely care and that you are a gentleman.

Number Five: Socialize with her BFFS. Being able to fit into her social groups is huge. When asking a woman out on a date, you may just be thinking about her looks and personality, which is normal. She’s thinking about these things, too. However, she’s also thinking about your potential as a partner. It’s guaranteed that she’s contemplating how well you will mesh with her family and close friends. Don’t be afraid to start conversation with the special people in her life. When you become good in their minds, she’ll like you even more.

Number Six: Ask her questions. Showing that you’re interested in her by asking questions is very important to keep in mind. If you’re only talking about yourself and your accomplishments, you’ll come off as self-centered, which is definitely not a good look. Make the evening about her, and she’ll take notice.

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