Top 7 Animals That Will Go Extinct Before You Die

Top 7 Animals That Will Go Extinct Before You Die

Top 7 Animals That Will Go Extinct Before You Die

One of the saddest effects of climate change, global warming, and excessive hunting is the extinction of several species of animals. Extinct animals are a loss not only to the world, but also to the environment and ecosystem they belong to. Here’s a look at the top seven nearly extinct animals that will be gone from our planet before you are.

Number Seven: The Nearly Extinct Hooded Seal

These precious, little (big) guys are cooler than the average seal. They have cooler fur featuring some pretty sweet patterns and a unique nasal cavity on the top of their heads. Sadly, these seals are heavily hunted and on the verge of extinction.

Number Six: Loris Elusive

Stop what you’re doing and Google this species right now. I guarantee it will be the cutest thing you see all day. This tiny, adorable species was actually believed to have already gone extinct when it disappeared from view for nearly 60 years, but it was recently rediscovered in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, this precious species definitely won’t be around for much longer.

Number Five: Irrawaddy Dolphins

Who doesn’t love dolphins? These strange-looking dolphins have funny-looking dome-shaped heads that are downright adorable. Too bad overfishing has dwindled their numbers down to a reported 77.

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Number Four: Proboscis Monkey

Deforestation is leading to the extinction of this hilarious-looking monkey. Can we please stop deforestation to save the only monkey in the world with a phallic-looking nose? Don’t believe me about the phallic comment? Peep this monkey on Google and give yourself a good laugh.

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Number Three: Tree Kangaroo

This animal is about as cute as the name implies. Sadly, you probably won’t get a chance to see one before you die since it has been added to the list of nearly extinct animals.

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dpfunsun via

Number Two: Axolotl

Impossible to spell, but too cute not to love, the Axolotl amphibian is guaranteed to be the cutest animal on this entire list. The little guy even smiles! Unfortunately, it’s believed there are no longer any of these smiling, slippery amphibians in the wild.

Number One: Bearded Vulture

The Bearded Vulture is definitely the closest thing we have to a Phoenix. This red-feathered bird is seriously badass, so it’s a shame that their population is rapidly diminishing. There you have it. A look at the top seven species you’ll outlive. Maybe it’s time to seriously rethink our fishing, hunting, and global warming policies. Thanks for reading!

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