Top 7 Beautiful City Parks in the World

Top 7 Beautiful City Parks in the World

Top 7 Beautiful City Parks in the World

City parks are like green oases among the concrete deserts. Romantic couples come there to stroll hand in hand down the alleys; dog owners walk their pets; parents take their kids for a walk; seniors come there to sit on the benches, feed pigeons or ducks, and read. Tourists are also frequent visitors of city parks. What can be better than escaping into the peace and quiet of the green space after a long excursion or a sightseeing tour? Some parks are for recreation while others are focused on entertainment. We offer you a list of the most beautiful city parks in the world. If you happen to get interested in any of them, you can always find the most advantageous offer among first class air fares and travel to your dream destination.

Hyde Park, London

London’s famous park is a must-see attraction. However, it’s so large and full of interesting places that a first-timer can miss a good half of them. Plenty of memorials, statues, and fountains, the Serpentine Lake (available for boating and swimming), tennis courts, horse-riding lessons – there are various options for any visitor. The adjacent Kensington Palace and Gardens definitely deserve your attention.

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg is a 25-acre garden established in 1612 as a part of the Luxembourg Palace. The park is divided into several theme parts separated by a forest and a pond. The garden designed in French style features a round pond surrounded by trees and statues. Symmetrical ponds, manicured lawns, neat flowerbeds, gravel paths are distinctive features of this garden. The pearl of the garden is the Medici fountain built in the style of a grotto. There is a variety of ancient apple trees in the orchards of the English-style southern part.

Park Güell, Barcelona

This park is a perfect combination of nature and architecture. Originally designed as a neighborhood for the wealthy, it became a beautiful public park. Fairytale houses, decorated walls, numerous fountains, and unusual benches – all this is the result of Antoni Gaudi’s talent and creativity. You can enjoy a stunning panoramic view over the park from the top of the hill on which it’s built. Visiting the Gaudi House Museum is a must.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

This is the central park of the Danish capital but it’s not a public green space but a theme park. Although park amusements are modern, the park has that undying 19th-century ambiance (it was founded in 1843). Beautiful gardens, numerous restaurants, and live musicians – all this contributes to a general atmosphere of the place.

Central Park, New York

Each city is associated with its famous sites. Central Park is one of New York’s iconic places often called the lungs of the city. The vast territory it occupies offers a whole lot of natural and artificial attractions – meadows, forests, lakes, monuments and spectacular architecture, to name a few. A photo on the Bow Bridge is a must. To get a fascinating view over the park, climb the hill to the Belvedere Castle.

The Australian Garden, Melbourne

Inspired by the Australian landscape, the Australian Garden is not just a botanic garden, it’s a mix of ecology, architecture, and art. Its unusual design is aimed to educate and wow. People who come here will not only get acquainted with biodiversity but also be entertained by participating in different workshops, visiting cinema, cafes, or markets.

Crystal Palace Gardens, Porto

The name comes from the name of the palace made of glass and iron (the Crystal Palace). Despite its attractions, such as rose gardens, various trees, fountains, and architecture, the park offers breathtaking views over the city and the local river.

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