Top 7 Cutest Celebrity Pets

Top 7 Cutest Celebrity Pets

Top 7 Cutest Celebrity Pets

Being famous is a stress, but being a celebrity pet is even more exasperating. Many celebrity pets are in the limelight and on the covers of various magazines. But these cute fur balls will show us that being owned by a celebrity model or actor is not that irritating.

Number One: Cecil Delevingne. Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne met Cecil as a “prop” for the supermodel’s Topshop campaign. Not only was this bunny so cute, but Cecil has also been spotted snapping some photos with singers like Rita Ora.

Number Two: Meredith and Olivia Swift. Taylor is known for her you-broke-my-heart-I’ll-write-a-song-about-you skills, but did you know she’s also a cat lady? Named after her favorite TV characters, Meredith and Olivia were born to be famous.

Number Three: Buddy Simpson. Owned by the prince of summer love songs Cody Simpson and his sister Alli, Buddy, a Maltese puppy, has been Cody’s since 2012. These two have even posed for a PETA ad spreading Cody’s support for animal rights.

Number Four: Bubba Sue Cyrus. Miley adopting this piglet was quite the shock since the queen of twerk is known to be a dog lover. After the death of her dog Floyd, Miley was devastated. I’m sure Bubba can make Miley smiley again.

Number Five: Walter Gene Benson. Spring Breakers star Ashley Benson owns this scruffy-haired pooch. A Brussels Griffon, this is her second fur baby, next to Olivia. Do you think there will be a third one soon?

Number Six: Sirius Black. Ariana Grande’s new addition to her growing canine family is named after a Harry Potter character. Sirius is Ari’s sixth dog and is named such because his fur is black.

Number Seven: Graham. British singer Ed Sheeran is the superhero for cats. Ed adopted a cat and named him Graham. He even buys Graham his own bed and snacks. Ed is an angel for providing this cute cat with a great life.

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