Top 7 Fashion Trends That Make Absolutely No Sense

Top 7 Fashion Trends That Make Absolutely No Sense

Top 7 Fashion Trends That Make Absolutely No Sense

Following fashion trends is a lifestyle for some, but for others, it’s a foreign language. With spring fast approaching, stores are beginning to replace their winter wear with new spring styles. Some of these styles are bound to be flawless, but others are sure to miss the mark completely. Here, we present our list of seven spring fashion trends that make absolutely no sense. Check the list out for yourself below!

Number Seven: The ‘Just-Rolled-Out-Of-Bed’ Look

One of the trends hitting the streets this year involves literally wearing your pajamas outside. Pajamas were designed to be worn to bed, and they should stay this way. The appearance of putting minimal effort into your look can be appealing, but this is about three steps too far.

Number Six: Excessive Ruffles

Ruffles make a comeback every few years or so, and this spring they’re coming back in full force. While a lacy shirt with a ruffled detail can be nice, a shirt covered in ruffles is not only impractical, but it’ll make you look like Shakespeare. Avoid at all costs.

Number Five: Throwback Hoodies

For whatever reason, throwback hoodies have been hitting the streets as of late. Listen, if you’re going to fall for this impractical trend, don’t waste your money on a $200 designer hoodie – just dig through your mothball-filled middle school clothing.

Number Four: Giant Flares

Flares are making a comeback in a very big way. While a small flare can be cute and can help balance a curvier figure, giant flares are bound to get dirty and caught in all sorts of doors. Unless you plan on hiding your small dog in them, don’t even bother.

Number Three: One of the Weirdest Fashion Trends – Long Statement Sleeves

If you don’t value your hands, then statement sleeves are the impractical fashion trend for you! Seriously, just buy some gloves instead of spending too much money on a shirt you’ll ruin by having to constantly roll up anyway.

Number Two: Huge Tulle Skirts

Like ruffles, tulle makes a comeback every few years, and it’s back again this year. However, giant tulle skirts, while striking, are not exactly practical if you plan to sit at all. Not only do these giant skirts make it hard to sit down, but you’ll also struggle using the bathroom.m Forget it!

Number One: Backwards Shirts

Finally, the most impractical spring fashion trend has to be the backward shirt. It’s one thing to look like you’re a little disheveled, but it’s another thing entirely to look like you got dressed with your eyes closed. Ignore the advice of anyone who says turning your shirt around will give you a “whole new look” – just spend a few extra dollars on another shirt. Thanks for reading!

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