Top 7 Healthiest Cities in America

Top 7 Healthiest Cities in America

Top 7 Healthiest Cities in America

Nobody wants to travel somewhere that is unpleasant to be and frankly unhealthy in general. Sitting down and mapping out a good travel plan has to include taking a look at the healthiest cities in all of America. Breathing in clean air, eating vegetarian food and exercising regularly are all common activities for folks living in these 7 cities.

Number Seven: Santa Ana, California. California has to be one of the most popular states in the country, and Santa Ana is definitely one of the healthiest cities. It’s a great place for golf enthusiasts and ones who love to soak up as much vitamin D as possible. Tennis lessons, boxing, racquet ball, boot camps – Santa Ana offers a plethora of physical activities to keep its residents fit and healthy. Less than 11% of residents smoke, and the city has quite a large variety of mental healthcare providers, leaving all bases covered.

Number Six: Arlington, Virginia. You won’t find a slew of obese people living in Arlington, with the obese rate somewhere below 20%. As one of the healthiest cities in the country, over 86% of people who live in Arlington are keeping up with some sort of exercise regiment. If you’re a lover of fruits and vegetables, the many farmers markets located in Arlington will keep you more than satisfied. Along with that, many of the residents walk or bike to work, maintaining good air quality all throughout Arlington. Breathe easy!

Number Five: Bridgeport, Connecticut. 1,300 acres of park space in Bridgeport can keep the residents active and healthy, among many other things. There are plenty of private workout facilities in the city that offer super fun activities like various martial arts, CrossFit, weight training and Pilates. If you’re a fan of the ocean breeze, you can enjoy fishing, swimming, sailing and scuba diving at The Long Island Sound. Vegetarians will be more than comfortable in Bridgeport, with restaurants like Shandal’s Cafe and Bloodroot offering delicious and healthy options for anyone watching their diet.

Number Four: Miami, Florida. Plenty of beautiful people live in Miami, and you can rest assured that they are living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not every day you’ll run into a city where the residents work extremely hard to look just as good as their physical surroundings. Most everybody in Miami is avid about getting annual health screenings, with a majority of them exercising, at least, three times a week. Compared to the rest of Florida, Miami has fantastic air quality as well as clean drinking water, and it’s difficult to not become fit when you’re playing in the sand on the beach all day.

Number Three: Madison, Wisconsin. It is incredibly easy to find great healthcare in the city of Madison, with over 20 medical clinics, plus nursing, medical and pharmacy schools. Quite a majority of the restaurants in the city are happy to cater to vegetarians, especially those that are located in the downtown area. Only 14% of the city smokes, and there is a plethora of fitness clubs and community centers, keeping residents active and fit. Ask anybody living in Madison and they will tell you their favorite workout spots are Capital Fitness, Boulders Climbing Gym and Bliss Flow Yoga & Wellness Center.

Number Two: Cambridge, Massachusetts. Almost 96% of Cambridge residents have health insurance, with a doctors-to-residents ratio that is among the highest in the entire nation. Plenty of walking can be accomplished all year long, even in the snow, as walkways and sidewalks are almost always wide open. It’s also one of the best places to be for young college students, with a laundry list of things to keep them busy. There are plenty of parks and playgrounds all over, with several local establishments like Veggie Galaxy offering vegetarian meals.

Number One: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis may not have been your number one guess for healthiest city in America, but the Minneapolis residents are sure to disagree. Their park system alone is worth the trip, covering about 17% of the city. The EPA reports very few red flags for the city, with unpolluted drinking water and clean air to breathe. The city has a high percentage of doctors, dentists, and mental health care providers, with over 87% of the city participating in regular exercise routines.

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