Top 7 Tacky Trends We All Followed in the 2000s

Top 7 Tacky Trends We All Followed in the 2000s

We’ve all been there: glancing through old photos of ourselves featuring tacky trends, wondering, “What on earth was I wearing?!” Whichever wacky wardrobe choice it was, chances are everybody else at the time dressed in a similar yet strange fashion. Last decade gave us plenty of head-scratching trends that are iconic to the beginning of the new millennium. And the worst part? Nearly all of us are guilty of following them (at least I know I am). Let’s revisit the seven tackiest ones and try our best not to cringe.

Number Seven: Trucker Hats. Pretty much none of the people sporting trucker hats in the early 2000s were truck drivers. Instead, these hats lived on the heads of celebrities ranging from Britney Spears to Ashton Kutcher to Paris Hilton. The fad caught flame with more and more teens across the country roaming about in these caps. As hot as these hats were considered back in the day, not even celebs could pull them off in my eyes. There’s always going to be a certain level of “I look like I’m about to drive a tractor” with these hats that’s just unavoidable no matter whose noggin they’re on.

Number Six: Mini Jean Skirts. Maybe mom was right when she protested against us wearing these out to the mall, just for different reasons. Plain and simple, the skirts were flat out ugly. As if they weren’t bad enough on their own, they were often the catalyst for other dreadful combintations such as the mini skirt + sequin clasp belt+ capri leggings. But the biggest offender of them all? The denim skirt paired with Uggs. Now if that’s not a fashion felony, I don’t know what is.

Number Five: Body Glitter. Glittery eyeshadow and lipgloss weren’t enough sparkle for us ladies 15 years ago. Tubes of body glitter became our best friends when we needed to step up our glitzy game. I fondly remember slyly rolling coat after coat of body glitter on my arms while bored in my third grade class. In my head, I thought it made me appear to be a magical fairy or a spice girl, but in reality my arms were like an art project gone wrong. Plus, the sparkles would rub off and fall all over the place- talk about a major mess! All that glitters isn’t gold, even you, body glitter.

Number Four: Rubber Spike Earrings. Confession: I owned more pairs of these spiky rubber earrings than I want to admit. Who knew jewelry that resembles painted clumps of dried hot glue would become all the rage? Whether the spikes were designed to be intimidating or not remains a mystery, but either way they didn’t appear tough in the slightest. I really wish I could ask my 10-year-old self why I was so drawn to these because at the moment I don’t have a clue.

Number Three: Heelys. Ahhh, heelys: who can forget the lovechild of a pair of sneakers and roller skates? It was the shoe that ranked highest on all of our Christmas lists, soon dominating schools and malls everywhere. Granted, the concept of these bad boys seemed really cool on paper, but in practice they looked ridiculous. Gracefully heely-ing proved to be a difficult art form as hundreds of heely-related E.R. visits came about during the craze. Needless to say, these kooky kicks are better off staying in 2003 with no plan of return.

Number Two: Shutter Shades. And the award for the most impractical glasses goes to *drum roll* shutter shades! Seriously, how in the world could anyone see anything out of these? Obviously, these sunnies are intended to be for style over function, yet they don’t deliver in either department. Around 2008, they peaked in popularity largely due to the 80s fashion revival coupled with Kanye West showing them off in his “Stronger” music video. Luckily, the trend died quickly after and hasn’t been missed since.

Number One: Popcorn Shirts. Out of all the tasteless fashions last decade suffered from, popcorn shirts take home the cake for being the tackiest of them all. If a shirt on a hanger looks like it could fit a 4-year-old, that should be a sign to refrain from putting it on your body. We didn’t pay attention to the red flags which led to these scrunchy tops reaching an unfathomable level of popularity. Just thinking about how I use to leave the house in these shirts gives me goosebumps. Whether you’re still into some of the styles on this list or not, I think we can all agree that popcorn shirts deserve a huge page in all of our burn books.

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