Top 8 Healthiest Cities Around the World

Top 8 Healthiest Cities Around the World

Top 8 Healthiest Cities Around the World

It’s no secret that some cities are healthier than others. However, some cities are miles above the rest when it comes to collective health. Here, we present our list of the world’s eight healthiest cities. You’ll notice some similarities between them, but you’ll also notice some striking differences. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Eight: Havana, Cuba

Considering the emphasis on meat and bread in the typical Cuban diet, you might be surprised to learn that Havana, Cuba kicks off our list. The average life expectancy in Cuba is an impressive 79 years old, even though their government spends less on healthcare than America’s does. In Cuba, it’s all about prevention – nearly every child is vaccinated at birth, and most children and adults get regular checkups at the doctor to ensure they stay healthy throughout their lives.

Number Seven: Jonkoping, Sweden

Jonkoping is looking to the future when it thinks about health. The city is responsible for The Esther Project, which is a project that looks at the practicalities of elder care and focuses on what they need, rather than what the government and younger people think is convenient. Thanks to The Esther Project, Jonkoping continues to be one of the healthiest cities to live in.

Number Six: New York, USA

New York’s very own big apple is surprisingly healthy! The city might not have the cleanest air or water in the world, but for people who hate smoking, it’s perfect. New York’s anti-smoking laws help make sure that people who have no interest in coming into contact with cigarette smoke never have to. The city also has laws restricting the sale of cigarettes, so it’s not as easy to purchase them as it used to be.

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Number Five: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has one of the highest-ranked qualities of life in the world. The Australian city has a population of 4.3 million people and has been consistently ranked the most livable city in the world year after year. The city presents very few challenges to its inhabitants – it’s safe, clean, and usually experiences good weather. Public transportation is easy to use, and it’s bicycle-friendly as well. It’s the design of Melbourne that allows it to be so healthy. Other cities, take note!

Number Four: Vancouver, Canada

Next on our list is Vancouver, located in Canada. If you’ve ever considered putting a city’s air in a jar, this should be the city you choose. The city is remarkably walkable, although its public transportation system is also robust, and its downtown scene is thriving. Lots has been done to protect the integrity of the city’s air, including the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, which it adopted as a way to maintain its clean air quality in 2011. Impressive!

Number Three: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Kicking off the top three healthiest cities on our list is the glamorous Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo makes this list because of its incredibly low infant mortality rate – 1.81 deaths per 1,000 live births. This is likely attributable to the city-wide healthcare coverage that aims to educate and take care of its inhabitants.

Number Two: One of the Healthiest Cities – Okinawa, Japan

While Monte Carlo takes care of its babies, Japan’s Okinawa does an amazing job with its elders. Specifically, people in Okinawa live for a very long time, and there are more than 900 100+-year-old citizens! It has the highest concentrations of centenarians in the entire world, likely because Okinawans like to exercise and spend time outside. There is an emphasis on low stress and high socialization, so people feel truly connected to and invested in the state of the city.

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Number One: Copenhagen, Denmark

Finally, the healthiest city in the world is Copenhagen, located in Denmark. Only two percent of Copenhagen’s employees work more than 40 hours a week, and its citizens are consistently ranked the world’s happiest. The city offers many free health-related programs, and there is a focus on work-life balance, which allows its citizens to truly focus on their own health. Thanks for reading!

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