Top 8 Reasons to Watch Teen Wolf

Top 8 Reasons to Watch Teen Wolf

Top 8 Reasons to Watch Teen Wolf

Raise your hand if you’ve been watching Teen Wolf every Monday and have been left with your jaw wide open at the end of every episode. The fifth season of Teen Wolf has confused me, made me cry, and basically pulled at every heart string it could possibly pull since it premiered on June 29th, 2015. Executive Producer and Head Writer Jeff Davis has gone all out this season, and I’d go so far to say he’s injected a little Saw into the series. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there may be some tongue ripping. Yep, I said tongue ripping. I know you’re cringing right now because I’m cringing just writing about it.

If you haven’t taken the time to watch Teen Wolf in all of its glory, here’s the low-down: Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall, a high-schooler turned werewolf, and his friends through their battles with supernatural creatures. If that isn’t good enough for you, here are eight other reasons why you should watch Teen Wolf.

Number One: Shirtless hunks. You can’t go through one episode of Teen Wolf without there being a little skin popping up on your screen (not that I’m complaining). Davis knows how to keep people coming back for more, especially when it comes to glorious pecs and chiseled abs.

Number Two: Bada** fight scenes. You can tell that the cast and crew work really hard to choreograph the fight scenes. They are always on point and really intriguing to watch.

Number Three: Leading ladies who steal the show. Lydia, Kira, Malia, and, of course, Mama McCall always steal the scenes. They are gorgeous, powerful, and bring both the funny and the sass. It’s always nice to see strong women portrayed on television.

Number Four: The suspense. I don’t know about you, but I love suspense. It keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat, and you never know what to expect. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend letting your younger siblings (under 13) watch Teen Wolf, but it’s definitely a show that young adults (and older) can handle.

Number Five: The supernatural factor. If you’re a fan of classics like Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel, then you will love Teen Wolf. The special effects and creative storylines are tremendously thought-out and well-produced.

Number Six: Stiles’ sarcasm. Stiles’ one liners are always spot on. I think that’s one of the reasons he is a fan favorite. As a character, Stiles is funny in a sarcastic way. I probably couldn’t watch the show anymore if he was killed off, and I know I’m not alone in that.

Number Seven: High school romance. The show does a great job reminding you about how awkward, yet adorable young love truly is. The on-screen romances will make you smile from cheek to cheek.

Number Eight: Pack mentality. Teen Wolf is all about family, AKA the pack. You get a real sense of togetherness from watching Teen Wolf. You also realize that family doesn’t only consist of people you share the same blood with, it also extends to those who have earned it.

Teen Wolf has been renewed for season six and, as a fan, I couldn’t be more excited. Join the pack and watch Teen Wolf on MTV, Mondays at 10 p.m.

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