Top 80 Best '80s Fashion Trends (Part 8)

Top 80 Best ’80s Fashion Trends (Part 8)

Top 80 Best '80s Fashion Trends (Part 8)

We already brought you parts one through seven of our list of the top 80 best ’80s fashion trends, and now we’re back with our final part eight! Check out the last 10 of the 80 best fashion trends from the 1980s that you either forgot existed or never knew about. You might be surprised by what you see!

Number Ten: Mullets. We already mentioned that rat tails were popular in the 1980s, but another horrible hairstyle that was popular in the decade was the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back, as they say.

Number Nine: Bally Shoes. Bally shoes were popularized by the hip-hop community of the 1980s. Everyone from Rakim to Slick Rick could be seen sporting the style throughout the decade.

Number Eight: Boomboxes. Boomboxes were huge in the 1980s, especially thanks to Say Anything. They might be clunkier than an iPod or iPhone, but they sure were more romantic.

Number Seven: Acid Wash Jeans. Though acid wash jeans aren’t actually made with acid, they became hugely popular in the 1980s. Today, acid wash jeans have made a comeback as well.

Number Six: High-Top Fades. There’s no denying that a high-top fade looks ridiculous, but, at least, it was a geometrically interesting look. Plus, a high-top fade could add several inches to your height if you felt insecure!

Number Five: Jams Shorts. Jams shorts were those super colorful shorts for men that hit just above the knee. Pair some jam shorts with your Converse, and you were set for life.

Number Four: Coca-Cola Clothing. Coca-cola everything on clothing became popular in the 1980s as coca-cola was exploding as a brand. The red logo is instantly recognizable today as well.

Number Three: Vans. People in the 1980s wore Vans as a way to look cool and collected. Today, Vans are worn by young skaters and are a very popular skater brand.

Number Two: Members Only Jackets. Though it’s unclear why Members Only jackets became so popular, the facts are that you had to have one if you wanted to be in the “cool” crowd.

Number One: Neon. Neon was one of the most hilarious and amazing trends of the ’80s. The bright colors helped people stand out more than they ever wanted to. Though the days of ’80s fashion might be over, they will never be forgotten.

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