Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tequila

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tequila

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tequila

Love it or loathe it, tequila wins the award for being the best friend you love to hate on a night out. With a somewhat acquired taste, it is also strangely satisfying. So grab some salt, take a lime and find out why you should be drinking more of this Mexican magic.

Number Nine: Tequila Helps Lower Your Blood Sugar

A diabetic’s dream, agave, a sugar that comes from the agave plant, is used to produce tequila. So after a few heavy shots, the sugar begins to trigger insulin release, resulting in lower blood sugar but a sore head in the morning. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Number Eight: It Won’t Give You a Hangover

Wait! You can have everything! But only if you drink the good stuff. Yes, that’s right, bottles of tequila that have 100% agave on the label are less likely to make you feel like the walking dead. So remember to fork out that little bit more next time to avoid a messy hangover and a morning of dread.

Number Seven: It Prevents Bloating

Unlike beer, vodka and various other spirits, tequila is extremely light and doesn’t require a mixer or tonic, helping you ease down on those calories. Also proven to help control the absorption of fat in your body, tequila won’t make you feel bloated, leaving you with a nice flat stomach all night.

Number Six: It Keeps Your Insides Clean And Tidy

Helping to flush out those toxins, tequila keeps your colon fresh and clean and can even help fight illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, IBS and even cancer. Researchers in Mexico have found that the blue agave in the drink can help deliver certain drugs to the colon to help treat disease and illnesses.

Number Five: It’s In All The Best Cocktails

If you can’t stomach tequila straight, then don’t worry because the most delicious and coolest cocktails around all have tequila involved somehow. With the Mayan Mule, the Texas Two Step, The El Diablo, the Tequila Sunrise and the fantastic frozen Margarita all containing that glorious Mexican magic, tequila is guaranteed to satisfy all your tasty needs.

Number Four: It Will Cure Your Cold

All these years, the cure for the common cold has been sitting right in front of us all along. OK, well not exactly, but during the 1930s, doctors were known to prescribe a tequila-laced mixture based on the belief that the agave sugar found inside could soothe a sore throat and destroy any gross bacteria that may also be floating around. Plus the vitamin C from the lime juice doesn’t hurt, either.

Number Three: It Helps You Sleep

Doctors have stated that drinking a small amount before bed has been proven to help relax the body and send you off quietly into the land of nod. However, the key is to drink it in moderation – drink too much, and your quality of sleep will suffer.

Number Two: Tequila Can Be Turned Into Diamonds

Scientists in Mexico (its native home) somehow managed to turn the elusive drink into diamonds. The process includes a whole lot of sciency stuff and is extremely expensive, but still, tequila and diamonds?! Amazing.

Number One: It Never Gets Old

Of all the shots in the world, tequila is by the far the most iconic. It’s so cool it even has its own process and supporting players, like a stage play with you as the director. Plus, nothing looks cooler than owning a huge bottle of tequila that’s just waiting to be pulled out to the chants of “Shots! Shots! Shots!” Thanks for reading!

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