Top 9 Themed Tattoo Ideas (Part 1)

Top 9 Themed Tattoo Ideas (Part 1)

Walking Art: 9 Themed Tattoo Ideas (Part 1) popcorn

Many people use tattoos as a form of self-expression, but for some, it’s more than that. These 27 themed tattoo sleeve ideas truly depict the devotion that some people have to their crafts… and other things. Thinking of getting a sleeve of your own? Check these out before you make your final decision.

Number Nine: Coffee. It’s science! This sleeve is a good idea for people with little to no experience with tattoos.

Number Eight: Travel Coordinates. Have a bad memory, or just want to document where you’ve been? This is the way to go.

Number Seven: Transportation. Rather than tattoo where you’ve been, try tattooing how you got there. Go vintage for an extra unique feel.

Number Six: An Actual Painting. It might cost more than an entry into a museum, but this tat will last forever. Impress your art buff friends with an obscure painting.

Number Five: Banksy. Banksy gets recognized for a reason: he’s good, and his art is nice to look at. Show him some love with a tattoo of his work.

Number Four: The Universe. It’s so big you’ll never run out of tattoo ideas! There are a lot of directions you could go with this, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Number Three: The Universe, Continued. As we mentioned above, there are many directions one could go here. This sleeve takes things back down to earth a little.

Number Two: Literature. Commemorate your favorite novel with some cover art…on your sleeve. Props if you choose an extra visual book.

Jeff Norton

Jeff Norton

Number One: Harry Potter. He has a cult following for a reason – we just can’t get enough Harry Potter. Show just how big a fan you are by tattooing a themed sleeve of him.

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