Top Online Games For Your Kids in 2016 and Beyond

Top Online Games For Your Kids in 2016 and Beyond

The internet is filled with numerous games and finding those that are age appropriate for kids is a major priority for parents. Advancements in technology has made it possible for these games to be available on Android and IOS, meaning that children can be kept entertained at all times. Below is a list of five online games your kids are bound to love.
It can be played by kids of all ages and even adults. The simplicity of the game makes it addictive as it involves popping a bunch of balloons using a dart.You have to position the dart in a way to pop as many as possible in order to level up. A player has only five darts meaning there are five chances to get all the balloons popped.
Pacman is one of the most successful games ever created. It is also appropriate for all ages including adults. The aim of the game is to move packman across the maze eating all the yellow pac-dots and avoid being eaten by the ghosts. Pacman can also power up by eating power pellets which makes the ghosts weak and edible.
Candy Bags
We all know that kids and candy are like the best of friends. Candy bags is a fun game and also one that needs a little bit of thought and strategy. The aim of the game is to match three similar candy goodies by taking a candy bag from the opponent. Each bag has different candy in it and once you are able to match three the game is over.
Crazy Taxi
Kids love car games especially when speed is involved. Crazy taxi is all about driving your taxi as fast as possible on a busy highway and avoid hitting other cars in thirty seconds.
The Hare and The Tortoise
Hare and tortoise are back again to find out who is the wittiest of the two. The gameplay is moving the tortoise using the mouse cursor and eat the flowers before the hare does. The game is over once the hare gets to the flowers first.

To conclude, these five unblocked games are not only safe but also fun and they develop the kids’ minds. They are all free and are available in several game websites.

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