Top Ten Rock’n'Roll Albums of All Time

Top Ten Rock’n’Roll Albums of All Time

Top Ten Rock'n'Roll Albums of All Time

There are countless Rock’n’Roll albums out there to listen to, especially when the internet allows us access to them in just a couple of clicks. If you’re unsure of what rock to listen to, you could visit a few of these classics. Here are the top 10 Rock’n’Roll album ever made.

Number Ten: Abbey Road, The Beatles

Anyone reading this had to have seen this coming. The Beatles might be the biggest band ever to exist, so of course Abbey Road deserves a spot on the list. The Beatles paved the way for and inspired most of the other artists on this list.

Number Nine: Machine Head, Deep Purple

Deep Purple is one of those names that is synonymous with classic rock. This album offers everything from hard rock to more laid back, groovy jams.

Number Eight: Paranoid, Black Sabbath

Although Sabbath wasn’t very hardcore compared to the bands that claim that genre nowadays, they certainly paved the way for that type of music. This album is a timeless, underrated classic.

Number Seven: The Rock’n’Roll Classic, Moving Pictures, Rush

We’ve all heard Tom Sawyer on the radio. That classic, as well as the instrumental and earth-shattering YYZ are present on this masterpiece of an album.

Number Six: Who’s Next, The Who

This album truly encapsulates the spirit of rock’n’roll. The classic Won’t Get Fooled Again is on this, as well as Behind Blue Eyes.

Number Five: The Wall, Pink Floyd

This is one of the most unique and memorable albums ever made. Although many of the songs are a bit slow paced and emotional, a couple of tracks have a truly rocking vibe, such as Run Like Hell.

Number Four: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles

It’s no surprise that this band makes it on our list twice. This album will take you on a psychedelic journey as well as show you the ropes of a more classic, pop style.

Number Three: Back in Black, AC/DC

This album made $22,000,000! That says all that needs to be said about this timeless classic.

Number Two: Hotel California, The Eagles

This has got to be one of the most famous songs ever made, but The Eagles have a lot more up their sleeves than just that song. Listen to this album in its entirety and you’ll see what I mean.

Number One: Led Zeppelin IV, Led Zeppelin

It’s so difficult to decide which Zeppelin album deserves a spot on this list, because they’re all amazing. I chose this one because it’s their most versatile work. We hope you enjoyed our list.

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