Transgender Weddings: 5 Inspiring stories

Transgender Weddings: 5 Inspiring stories

Transgender weddings: 5 Inspiring stories

In a time when trans men and women are finally beginning to get recognized. Where their stories are represented on screen. And when their lives are becoming much more visible to the public. We are still it seems a long way from giving these people basic human rights. A community that is so often misunderstood, ignored and forgotten about. It is extremely important to celebrate the victories that are so viable in helping the cause. Here are 5 inspiring transgender wedding stories.

Number Five: Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres

Carmen Carrera was contestant on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Known then by Christopher Roman, Carmen was presented as a gay male. However over the next year she began to transition and eventually identified as a woman. Being with her then boyfriend Adrian since 2009, Carmen and Adrian unfortunately split in 2013. However in 2015 it was revealed that they were back together. Later marrying that same year. With Carmen claiming, “honestly, knowing that I was going home a married woman gave me a sense of peace.” The wedding, which took place on the season finale of TV show Couples Therapy, was the first televised screening of a transgender wedding on reality TV. Bravo!

Number Four: Transgender Couple Jamie Eagle and Louis Davies

Both transgender. Jamie was born a boy and Louis born a girl. Growing up in a small town in Wales, UK. The couple had their fare share of nasty comments. However claiming it has only made them stronger the pair decided to share their story with the world in order to help educate those that don’t understand. Again having it all shown on the camera, the footage will be turned into a documentary. With Louis stating. ”We want people to have a sense of what our lives are really like, so that when they talk about transgender issues, they are more informed.”

Number Three: Alexis Valerio and Frank Davis

San Antonio native Alexis Valerio and her husband Frank Davis were married in Houston Texas in 2014. Proving that Texas is not just the stereotypical god worshipping trans-phobic state we all assume it to be. Rev Lura Groen explained that “Half the weddings (here) are gay marriage, Grace Lutheran embraces people of all gender identities. To us that is a reason to celebrate and it shows more of how we are made in the image of God.”

Number Two: Kaye and Peggy

Meeting In Sydney over 40 years ago. Kaye met Jack at a slide night. Immediately attracted to him they married soon after. Running a small business together and raising two children. The couple were extremely happy. However Jack had a secret and confessed to have known since the age of 13. Hiding it away Jack finally had the courage to come out at the tender age of 71. Identifying as a woman, Peggy now describes the transition as “the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.” Proving it’s never too late.  

Number One: Camryn Colen and Alexis Colen

In 2015 Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis hit the headlines when she refused to give marriage licenses to the LGBT community. Intentionally breaking the law, Davis was eventually arrested. However it was later revealed that Davis had unwillingly issued a marriage license to trans male Camryn Colen and his soon to be wife. Not reading his details or identification, which identifies him as male, Davis assumed he had been born a man. Coming forward Camryn stated that “She took me at face value and judged a book by its cover, she shouldn’t do that; she should just see two people in love and grant them the ability to get married.’‘ Claiming that she was acting “under God’s authority”. Davis was eventually jailed.



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