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Trembling Kittens Found Wrapped Around Their Sister, Keeping Her Alive

Trembling Kittens Found Wrapped Around Their Sister, Keeping Her Alive

As sad as it is, kittens get left and abandoned all the time. So many of them are left to fend for themselves without any help. When one rescue worker got a call about three tiny kittens that needed her help she was off to rescue them. What she saw, however, broke her heart.

20. A Call

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Megan Corbara was heading out for some ice cream when she got a very distressing call. Someone had alerted her to three tiny kittens that were in terrible need of help. She knew she had to act fast…

19. Heading Over

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Megan quickly rushed over to the area where the kittens were spotted. However, as soon as she saw the kittens she knew something wasn’t right. They were huddled up in the most peculiar way.

18. Wrapped Up


As Megan moved in closer she could see that two of the kittens were wrapped around their third sister. The third kitten was shivering and the other siblings were keeping her warm. Megan’s heart broke at the sight of this. So she did this…

17. Protection


Megan could see that this was the way the kittens were protecting their sister. “I felt like they were protecting her,” Sorbara, president of Naples Cat Alliance, told Love Meow. That was when she realized something horrible…

16. Bad News

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Immediately, Megan went over to the kittens to help them. That was when Megan noticed that the tiny white one that was shivering could barely walk on her own. Her siblings were trying their best to comfort her throughout all of this. Her priority was to find what was wrong with her!

15. Rescue Center


Megan quickly rushed the kittens over to the Naples Cat Alliance. There they received the care that they needed to continue living. They especially took extra care over the tiny white kitten that couldn’t seem to balance herself.

14. Balancing Problems


She has a very pronounced head tilt to the left, but she has a very healthy appetite and manages to roll to where she wants to go.” They ended up naming the tabbies Praline and Pistachio, and their little sister was named Coconut. But how did they end up in the middle of the road?

13. Bottle Feeding


In order to help them get healthy and strong, Megan began bottle feeding the tabbies. The funny part is, they would still continue to wrap themselves around their sister, even during feeding time. The two older cats are very protective of her. The next photo is adorable!

12. Mama Cat


So far, the center has been trying to relocate the kitten’s mother and help her get back to her babies. So far any attempt has been unsuccessful. “We have been back every night trying to get mom but she won’t go in the trap,” Sorbara told Love Meow. The kittens were all by themselves and they needed a mother. So the shelter came up with a genius idea!

11. Trap Shy


We have trapped at this location before and she has witnessed everyone else going in, so she is what we call trap shy.” However, in the meantime, Coconut has gotten herself a new surrogate caregiver that has been giving her loads of attention! If you’re thinking that the new mommy is a cat, you are wrong. You won’t believe who started caring for these tiny creatures…

10. Sweet Pup


Megan’s dog, Bitsy, has absolutely fallen in love with the kittens. She has taken on the role of foster mom to them and loves being around them. Her love has helped Coconut get better each day. You’ll fall in love too after seeing the next photo…

9. Getting Better


She is getting stronger and is able to hold her head up straighter than even yesterday,” Megan said about Coconut. Lately, Coconut has been able to return some kisses and snuggles to Bitsy as she gets stronger each day! If you’re wondering what are they doing all they long..

8. Encouraging

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Bitsy has even begun encouraging Coconut in an entirely different way. She has been getting Coconut to climb around, stretch her limbs, and just keep moving. This has been helping her with her walking and remaining balanced. And that’s not all!

7. Still Looking


Although Megan has been caring for the kittens for now, the rescue team is still searching for the kitten’s mother. They hope that they will be able to get her so that the kittens can go back and live with their mom. They want all of them to find a great forever home.

Until one day when a miracle happened! You’ll never guess who the shelter found…

6. Reunited


Eventually, after a lot of hard work, the team was able to get the kitten’s mother. Everyone was so happy that the kittens would finally be reunited with their mom. “The moment we have all been waiting for Coconut, Pistachio and Praline reunited with their mom Vanilla Bean.”

Curious to see them all grown up? Check out the next photo!

5. Snuggled


Vanilla Bean instantly recognized her kittens and wanted to be around them. She went over and snuggled up to them and they all cuddled together. It was a heartwarming reunion.

4. Fully Recovered


After lots of patience and encouragement, Coconut has fully recovered. She is as good as new and you would never have known that she had any balancing issues from before. So have the cats been able to find a forever home?

3. Adopted


After spending so much time with them, Megan knew that she couldn’t part ways with her cats. She decided to adopt the whole family! Now they are all spending tons of time together and being happy.

2. Grown Up


The kittens have all grown up now and are practically little adults. They still cuddle up to each other anyway, just like when they were little. It seems that their time without their mother really solidified their sibling bond.

1. Happy Life

Image: The Dodo

Now all of the cats get to enjoy a happy and fun-filled life at Megan’s house. It is amazing to think how just one rescue changed the lives of so many cats!

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