Trick or Treat: 10 Best Halloween Candies, Ranked

Trick or Treat: 10 Best Halloween Candies, Ranked

Trick or Treat: 10 Best Halloween Candies, Ranked

Last year we brought you our ranking of the 10 worst Halloween candies, so today we have – you guessed it – our list of the 10 best Halloween candies. These candies are the ones you dug out of your Halloween candy bag to eat first every year, and they’re the ones you keep impulsively buying from the drug store when you have a candy craving you just can’t fight. Check out the full list below.

Number Ten: Candy Corn

Candy corn gets a bad rap for being overtly artificial and flavorless, but come on – when else are you going to be able to stuff your face with these neon sugar bombs? Nobody can deny the fun of biting through the different color and analyzing piece after piece just to make sure they all taste the same. Just avoid those candy pumpkins – gross.

Number Nine: Skittles

Taste the rainbow with a pack of delicious, fruity skittles. Every Skittle is filled with a chewy, fruity center that keeps you coming back for more every time. Whether you’re prone to organize your Skittles by color or just eat them at random, you can’t deny their candy power.

Number Eight: M&Ms

The chocolatey cousin of Skittles, M&Ms are one of the most classic Halloween candies. Their small size gives them an advantage over chocolate bars, because eating them one by one makes you feel like you’re getting more chocolate than you actually are. What’s great about M&Ms is that each iteration of them is also delicious; whether you get peanut, pretzel or mini M&Ms, you can’t go wrong.

Number Seven: Green Tea KitKat

Oh, you’ve never had a green tea KitKat? You messed up, friend. These candy bars are sold in most Asian groceries and are produced by Nestlé. Both strangely chocolatey and green tea-like, crunching through one of these is truly an adventure for your palate. Not to mention you can feel “healthier” because they’re the same color as a plant. Sure.

Number Six: Butterfinger

A childhood staple, Butterfingers are aptly named, especially considering the state your hands will be in after you finish eating one. Each crunchy, buttery layer melts in your mouth, and you’ll be remiss to leave even a single crumb after eating one of these bars. Forget Butterfinger bites and BB’s – with this one, you’ll want to stick with the classic.

Number Five: Starbursts

Starbursts are a favorite of kids everywhere. Not only can you eat this candy, but you can use the wrappers to make bracelets, and you can prove just how skilled you are by unwrapping one in your mouth. Delicious and chewy, Starbursts melt in your mouth in just the right amount of time so you’re left wanting more. Just be sure to avoid the yellow ones, which are widely reviled as the worst flavor.

Number Four: Crunch Bar

There’s nothing quite like the sensation that occurs when you first bite into a Crunch bar. The crisped rice balls inside pop in your mouth as the chocolate surrounding them melts, practically forcing you to take another bite. Whoever thought of this ingenious idea to combine texture with flavor deserves a Nobel prize.

Number Three: Sour Patch Kids

At number three on our list of the 10 best Halloween candies are the unforgettable Sour Patch Kids. These little guys have over three million likes on Facebook and are perhaps the most-loved non-chocolate candy in the country. Slightly sweet, slightly sour and 100% chewy, these “kids” bring an adult amount of flavor to the table and are way too hard to put down.

Number Two: Take 5

An underdog on this list, Hershey’s Take 5 makes it to number two. Called Take 5 for its five layers, this candy bar is a serious flavor bomb that explodes at the first bite. The layers are as follows: milk chocolate coating, peanut butter, peanut, caramel and pretzels. Each bite leaves your mouth craving more, especially with the salty and sweet combination of chocolate, caramel, peanut butter and pretzels. This combination is practically unbeatable.

Number One: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

You knew it was coming – at number one, we have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. There’s no argument that these confections are delicious, but there have been decades of debate (plus an entire chain of commercials) about the proper way to eat one. Do you bite around the outside, then eat the middle encased by the top and bottom layers? Alternatively, do you eat everything and save the sweet, creamy peanut butter filling for last? Or do you go rogue and eat it all in one bite? No matter the technique, the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a winning one, and there’s no truer example of this than a classic Reese’s cup. Yum.

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