TV: Top 10 Shocking Moments Captured Live

TV: Top 10 Shocking Moments Captured Live

TV: Top 10 Shocking Moments Captured Live

Live TV can be a blessing and a curse. It’s always exciting to watch things unfold in real time, but sometimes things happen that are too shocking to predict. These 10 shocking moments caught on live TV are shocking and monumental. Check them out below, but be warned – there is some disturbing material ahead.

Number Ten: Japanese Tsunami. March 3, 2011, marked the date when a devastating tsunami hit Japan’s coast. Only CNN TV and locals were able to capture it live, and it is extremely difficult to watch. Some waves measured nearly 41 meters and there was mass destruction.

Number Nine: Manila Hostage Crisis. In 2010, a tourist bus was hijacked in the Philippines, and it was caught on live television. The bus carried 25 people, and the driver of the bus escaped, but many others were left dead.

Number Eight: World Trade Center Attacks. September 11, 2001 is a date that no Americans will ever forget. However, only one man was able to catch the horrific world trade center attacks on live television. He was a documentary filmmaker and was only able to capture the initial impacts.

Number Seven: 1992 Los Angeles Riots. In 1992, there was a massive riot in Los Angeles following a trial that led to the release of police officers accused of police brutality. More than 11,000 people were arrested, and the riots caused up to $1 billion in property damage. The course of the riots was caught on live television.

Number Six: Waco Siege. Waco, Texas is home to one of the most horrific events ever captured on live television. The Mount Carmel Center, owned by a religious group, was sieged, and the siege lasted 51 days. The siege finally ended when the compound caught fire and collapsed, and 76 people died as a result. The entire ordeal was captured on live television.

Number Five: JFK Assassination. JFK’s assassination in 1963 was a shock to many, and the entire thing was caught on live television. He was shot in the head and back by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was arrested shortly thereafter.

Number Four: Romero’s Live Suicide. Jodon Romero was the prey of a high-speed police chase that ended in him running away. News stations were filming the chase from helicopters, and after Romero continued to run, he shot himself in the head, leaving reporters speechless.

Number Three: Challenger Tragedy. January 8, 1986, was one of the most tragic days in United States History. Broadcast across the entire nation, just 73 seconds after the Challenger launched it exploded. The ordeal was viewed by millions as the remains of the explosion fell into the Atlantic ocean, killing all seven crew members inside.

Number Two: O.J. Simpson Chase and Trial. The high-speed chase and trial of O.J. Simpson are one of the most iconic events in the ’90s. The slow-speed chase led to a year-long trial that eventually led to Simpson’s acquittal, and the entire thing was caught by news stations everywhere.

Number One: Live TV Hindenburg Disaster

In 1937, one of the most memorable disasters of all time was caught live on camera. The massive zeppelin held 36 passengers, along with other officers and trainees. Hydrogen gas leaked into ventilation shafts, causing it to explode as it docked. Cameras captured the deaths of 35 people.

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