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Two Labradors Become Bodyguards To Tiny Rescue Kitten

Two Labradors Become Bodyguards To Tiny Rescue Kitten

Who said that cats and dogs couldn’t be best pals? When these two dogs were introduced to a tiny Calico kitten, they were immediately smitten. You won’t believe just how far their friendship has gone!

20. Two Dogs

Image: Imgur/twodogsandakitty

For the longest time, Oden the Golden Retriever and Aksel the Black Lab, were living lavish in their home. However, all of that was about to change with the arrival of one new pet. The dogs never saw it coming!

19. New Arrival

Image: Imgur/twodogsandakitty

Just a few months ago, Oden and Aksel’s parents decided to bring a new pet into the family. Little did they all know that this new pet would soon be running the household with her undeniable cuteness.

18. A Kitten


Cleo, a sweet Calico kitten, was soon introduced to the two dogs. Despite her small size, Cleo had a big personality and she had no problem showing it off! So how did the dogs react to her?

17. Sassy


Cleo immediately showed off her sassy nature and she began to quickly run things in the household. The tiny kitten loves to play with her toys and can often be seen meowing commands.

16. Falling In Love

Image: Imgur/twodogsandakitty

While you might not expect this, Oden and Aksel immediately fell in love with little Cleo. They even went to great lengths to win her over! You won’t believe what Oden chose to do…

15. A Sock


Oden could see that Cleo really likes her toys, so he decided to win her over the old-fashioned way. He brought his favorite sock over to her, hoping to show her that he cares. So how did Cleo respond?

14. Her Response


Cleo responded in the best way that a tiny kitty could. She decided to take a wonderful nap on top of Oden’s comfy body. This is how their bond started.

13. Competition


However, Aksel was enviously eyeing the situation from a far and decided that he couldn’t be outdone by his brother. So Aksel decided to go one step further and offered Cleo his cage to hang out in! Talk about a gentleman…

12. The Cage

Image: Imgur/twodogsandakitty

Cleo graciously accepted the gift and now all three of them love to hang out in Aksel’s cage. Although, they all can’t really fit they still make the best of the situation.

11. Cramming In


They all have their own beds, yet insist on all trying to cram into the one cage,” the family said. It is pretty hilarious for the family to watch all of them attempt to cuddle up in a tiny cage.

10. Dog Brothers


Having two older dog brothers has really impacted Cleo’s personality as well. She has even begun to pick up on some dog characteristics! It’s obvious that Cleo must think that she is at least part-dog.

9. Social Media

Image: Imgur/twodogsandakitty

Inspired by their hilarious antics, Cleo, Oden and Aksel’s unnamed owner decided to put his adorable pets on social media. So the owner created an Imgur account for them where he has been posting updates on their daily shenanigans.

8. Antics

Image: Imgur/twodogsandakitty

Many of their daily antics involve cuddling, playing with toys, and taking care of Cleo. In fact, many of their interactions revolve around taking care of Cleo. You can see who runs the household…

7. The Queen


She definitely rules the roost,” they said. However, the dogs don’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, they adore being Cleo’s bodyguard.

6. Favorite Part


Cuddle time is everyone’s favorite time. Their owner constantly catches the three of them cuddling throughout the day.  “Don’t need a bed when you’ve got a brother,” her owner writes.

5. Getting Older


Cleo has been getting older and is no longer a tiny kitten anymore. However, the relationship dynamics between all of them haven’t changed one bit.

4. Internet Fans

Image: Buzzfeed

Thanks to their adorable antics, these three have gained a ton of Internet fans. Everyone sits and waits for a new update from the three of them. Can you really blame them, though?!

3. Happy Home


Together, the three of them have created a happy and loving home between themselves. Their owner is incredibly happy that all three of them adore each other so much.

2. Cats & Dogs

Image: One Green Planet

Who said that cats and dogs couldn’t be best friends? Cleo, Oden, and Aksel have all proven that age old saying wrong with how close they have managed to get.

1. Sweet Relationship

Image: YouTube

These three have one of the sweetest relationships you’ll ever see. They’re still continuing on with their crazy shenanigans and you can keep up on their Imgur account: twodogsandakitty.

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