Tyrese ft. Snoop Dogg: 'Dumb Shit' Single Review

Tyrese ft. Snoop Dogg: ‘Dumb Shit’ Single Review



Tyrese Gibson is back people. He has been gone for so long, but his incredible performance in the Fast and Furious franchise kept us comforted.

His single “Dumb Shit” features the one and only Snoop Dogg and prepare for the sort of sound that is only brought to you by Tyrese and Tank. These two gentlemen are some of the most gifted male singers in the R&B/soul community, so when I speak of “the sort of sound,” you well know what to expect.

“Dumb Shit” is a calmly composed song that gives you a relaxed environment vibe. The beat is slow and steadily pacing at a constant rate, which gives the entire song the relaxation feel. Tyrese, on his 2011 Open Invitation, album gave us an excellent complication of music. Ludacris is also featured on this album on a song titled “Too Easy,” which goes to show the world that their partnership does not stop in the Fast and Furious franchise, it goes to music as well, and I hope they work on more projects together.

On this song, Tyrese tells a tale of a man who is treating his woman wrong, and he calls whatever he is doing “dump shit.” He is the man he is talking about and he says he is not even smart about it because he does it in her face. This is a much-related situation that is being talked about in this song. It is not a rare occurrence that a woman sees her man doing some “dumb shit.” Tyrese deeply regrets that he is doing “dumb shit.” He is sorry and he is really trying to change. He lets her know how she is his favorite and he doesn’t want to wake up one day and she is gone. “Why you be asking me questions when you already know that / I’ve been doing dumb dumb dumb dumb shit,” he sings on the chorus. The grief-stricken Tyrese sounds convincingly sincere about wanting to change, and his pleas are backed up by Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg, on his verse, talks about the lifestyle, clubs and parties, and nice clothes. He is just being Snoop, and for a second, I thought he was derailing off the concept of the song, but he held it together and brought the concept into the verse. He raps about how at the club “here we go again,” the dumb shit for Snoop starts at the club. All the partying and women are truly a source of temptation and dumb shit knows when the opportune time to creep in has presented itself. In all of this dumb shit, he remembers to remind her that “if we break up I am the one who’s broke up” – an assurance that she means so much to him and losing her will crash him. Snoop’s verse is effortless, and the flow is flowing with swag and utmost coolness. You know that calm Snoop Dogg flow like he is floating on a wavy beat and just going with the flow? That’s exactly how he presents his verse on “Dumb Shit.”

Tyrese is a legend that still got it and so does Snoop Dogg. “Dumb Shit” is a great song, and in all fairness, Tyrese should prepare to give us more of these. If the few surprises once in a while sound this amazing, how would an entire collection sound like? “Dumb Shit” engages the interest of many of us since it is on a concept we are not alienated to. It sounds perfectly good, the lyrics are intriguing and Snoop Dogg has gotten the entire song flowing with swag. You better be careful, though, you don’t want to find yourself stuck in a similar predicament. You may not be as smooth and convincing as Tyrese if you got caught up in some “Dumb Shit.”

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