The Ultimate Quiz for Fantasy Fanatics

The Ultimate Quiz for Fantasy Fanatics

Are you a master in all things fantasy, or are you still not sure what the Silmarillion is? This quiz will test your knowledge of popular fantasy worlds and the genre itself.
1. What is Fantasy as a genre?
A genre with scientifically inexplicable elements.
A genre with elves.
A genre with magic and other supernatural elements.
A genre that doesn’t try to make sense.
2. What subgenre is most likely to have a brave hero fighting an evil or monstrous force?
High Fantasy
Epic Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Final Fantasy
3. Which fantasy franchise originated as a computer game in the 1990s?
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Final Fantasy
4. What is the difference between science fiction and fantasy?
SciFi is based on science, and fantasy isn’t.
SciFi has robots and time travel, and fantasy doesn’t.
SciFi is about our future or past, and fantasy is about completely different worlds.
SciFi must have some logical credibility, and fantasy is incredible.
5. What subgenre is most likely to have modern day, first world cities with some fantasy elements?
First World Fantasy
Urban Fantasy
Magic Realism
Contemporary Fantasy
6. What is the relationship between Pathfinder and the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game?
Pathfinder was a series of supplementary books for DnD.
Pathfinder is a setting in DnD.
Pathfinder is a competitor with similar rules as DnD.
Pathfinder is a character in DnD.
7. Finally, does fantasy have to have elves, dragons, or other common elements?
Probably, based on what I’ve seen.
No, they’re just the most popular.
No, but a little of that helps make it clear.
No, anything illogical and supernatural can be in fantasy.
It turns out don’t know very much about fantasy, and that’s okay. Ask for recommendations and who knows, you might find something great!
You’ve seen a few things here or there, but this vast genre has much more to offer. Try some other fantasy works related to what you’ve already seen and enjoyed.
You’re deeply invested in fantasy and understand its tropes. Best of all, there’s always more to see!
Well done! This quiz couldn’t stump you, because you’re deeply experienced with the stories, tropes, and structure of fantasy as a genre. Be sure to share your recommendations with others!
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