Usher ft. Juicy J: 'I Don't Mind' Single Review

Usher ft. Juicy J: ‘I Don’t Mind’ Single Review

Usher relaying his well-versed R&B style with a crisp instrumental always gets you in the vibe. “I Don’t Mind” by Usher feat. Juicy J consists of a classic FL Studio snare, a light synth poke, and a sub-based drum beat when it’s needed.  Don’t forget the much-needed backup vocals and vocal riff catchiness in the hook. As simple as this R&B composition is, it rather adds to Usher’s message. Let’s get into the song on a deeper level.

The song relays a confidence that can be explained in two words: jealously and judgment. Usher begins the song by relaying to his partner that he really doesn’t mind if she dances on a pole, and that this action doesn’t make her a ho. Now before you all start jumping to conclusions, how about we take our judgmental hats off for a second? The artist conveys the ability to control his jealously and remove his judgmental nature. Normally, the male-to-female relationship in this situation could be a little untrustworthy.

The artist manages to look past the career choice of his partner and support them, instead of judging. The artist picks his partner’s profession as a stripper, as it can be one of the most-judged professions by the public. This creates a stigma, which is a negative label to define a person’s reputation. Stripping can be deemed an unconventional profession and an unacceptable one for a woman. The artist portrays continuously through the song that you should look past this stigma and value a woman for who they are.

I realize it is a touchy subject. Even though I don’t agree with certain language used in the song, I find it important to not let that cloud your judgment. Judgment is a powerful tool we use every single day of our lives, from when you were a child to the person you are today. Judge wisely friends; everyone’s position in life is different than yours. I recommend this song to the trustworthy lovers out there.

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