Virtual reality: What does it mean for gamers?

Virtual reality: What does it mean for gamers?

Virtual reality: What does it mean for gamers?

Most of us will have been aware of how the arrival of virtual reality is one of the big news stories of the year. But what can gamers do to make best use of this incredible technology and what kind of games are there currently available?

Virtual reality has been existing in the realm of science fiction for many years, and it seems that 2016 is the year where VR hit the mainstream thanks to a new wave of virtual reality headsets.

Unlike previous attempts that suffered from substandard graphics and latency problems that lead to troubling bouts of virtual reality nausea, headsets like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive illustrated how far VR has come.

These high-end headsets have recently been joined by Sony’s impressive PlayStation VR headset which Lucky Nugget Casino has pointed out offers a great list of choices for virtual reality gameplay with everything from Batman VR to Eagle Flight showing what the new devices can do.

Although the gaming options are still fairly limited compared with standard video games, it’s become clear that more developers are seeking to explore the endless possibilities of VR gaming.

Whilst there’s still a noticeable lack of casino games, there have been interesting titles like VR Sports and the hugely ambitious Arktika.1. These look to make VR gaming a little longer lasting than the current ‘snack-sized’ games that are limited due to comfort issues of wearing a headset.

What this shows is that games developers and players are still getting to grips with how to utilise virtual reality in the best way. Anybody who’s taken their first steps in virtual reality will have been impressed with the immersive experience, but it’s clear that VR games will have to be treated a little differently from the standard console title.

But that hasn’t stopped many of the world’s favourite smartphone developers attempted to make their mobile devices pocked-sized virtual reality platforms. The recently-launched Google Pixel smartphone makes full use of the Google Daydream mobile VR platform to attempt to make virtual reality a portable experience.


Seeing as virtual reality has made many valuable applications in realms as far-reaching as healthcare and the military, it shows that its influence will only continue to grow. And although it’s still too early to see whether VR headsets will be the biggest Christmas gift of 2016, it’s clear that virtual reality is here to stay.

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